A Quick Work Cure: 5-Minute Office Yoga + Pose Instructions!

5-minute office yoga is something you should definitely consider when working hard and not having some me time to stretch, relax and unwind!  If for work reasons you spend many hours in the office or in any case sitting at your desk, the practice of Yoga is the cure-all for you. Some asanas can be easily adapted to a practice to be easily inserted during working hours. Those who spend a lot of time sitting should get up from their chair every hour and take a short walk so as not to force the body to remain stationary for a long time in an unnatural position and perhaps with an incorrect posture for the spine. But if you don't have much time, when you have a five-minute break you can try to experiment with some of these positions, or the entire sequence. When you return from the office, however, try to set aside 5-minute office yoga for a short asana practice before dinner, if your time is limited.

The 5-minute office yoga positions that you will find in the sequence below aim above all to make the spine more flexible. If you suffer from neck pain, do not raise or lower your head too much while performing them, but keep your neck and head in line with your back.

These positions are also very useful for those who spend a lot of time sitting at their desk for study purposes. From this point of view, remember that even a 5-minute office yoga, in addition to keeping the body in training, helps the mind to regain concentration more easily. A benefit that will certainly make you comfortable even at work.

5-minute office yoga: easy postures for beginners
Seated cat’s pose


To practice the sitting cat’s pose, bring yourself to the tip of the chair with your back straight. Bring your gaze to the ceiling by slightly arching your back backwards. Then begin to slowly arch your back forward starting from the lower back. Place your hands on your knees and keep your arms relaxed as you practice.

Seated Crescent Pose


After the anterior and posterior flexion of the back, here we are in the lateral flexion. This is an important movement that we may not be aware of enough. Practicing the half-moon position while seated helps to lengthen the torso. You will have to bring your arms up and grab your left wrist with your right hand. Inhale and exhale, lean to the right, then return to center, reverse the wrist grip and lean to the left.

Eagle pose with the arms only


Normally the eagle position involves both the arms and the legs, but while seated you can only practice it with the arms. Sit comfortably with your back straight. Bend your elbows turning your arms upwards. Place your right elbow in the hollow of your left arm and try to bring your palms together and join them by crossing your wrists. Hold for a minute and then reverse the position of the arms: bring the left elbow into the crook of the right arm.

Back stretch pose


To practice this back stretch pose you can use the back of the chair as a support. This is an exercise that will relieve the shoulders and upper back. Bring your arms up, alongside your ears. Lean forward very slowly following your gaze until your hands touch the edge of the backrest. Contract your buttocks to prevent your back from hunching. After a few seconds, slowly go up again keeping your arms at the sides of your ears.

Back flexion position down


Here is a position that releases tension in the lower back. As in the previous position, the advice is to bring the arms upwards, to the sides of the ears, when you are still standing and to go down so that the arms remain in position following the movements of the back and head. If you can't touch the ground with your fingers, place your hands on your ankles or shins. Go up slowly, always keeping your arms on the sides of your head.

You can practice these positions for a 5-minute office yoga practice right there in the office even several times a day. To always have a relaxed back and stay focused, it would be good to take a five-minute break every hour to dedicate to this little practice. If you have the chance, add a longer yoga session before bedtime to unwind, relax and stretch before going to sleep. Another great idea is to go for a longer session first thing in the morning so you can boost the energy to face the day and to set the intentions for a very successful day in the office. 


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