A Deeper Look: Unlock Energy with Kundalini Yoga | Beginners Guide


There are many styles of yoga that we can find today, many traditional and many contemporary. Some emphasize the use of the body, others the use of the voice, still others the study of the mind. Kundalini Yoga is one of these ways and its origin is lost in time. For thousands of years it was secretly passed on from master to disciple, until in 1968 Master Yogi Bhajan began teaching it publicly in the United States, consciously breaking the tradition of secrecy and making it accessible to everyone from that time on. Since then there are many teachers who have been trained to spread it around the world, and many practitioners. Let’s take a deeper lock now on kundalini yoga and how to unlock your energy with this amazing practice!

What is Kundalini Yoga

For Kundalini Yoga we mean those practices aimed at preparing the body, mind and nervous system for the increase of energy in the body, more precisely, when the Kundalini awakens, the dormant energy in the form of a snake knotted in itself three and a half turns which resides at the base of the column. In simple terms, Kundalini Yoga helps the dormant Kundalini energy to awaken and awaken the general energy of the body to re-tune it better with the universe around.

More intense physical practices than a day in the gym, songs that leave a mark on your soul, intense meditations to get inside yourself, the feeling of lightness after a massage or therapy and much more. Practices often known to an average practitioner, but presented in a combination that will never leave anyone without feedback, be it positive or negative. Kundalini Yoga brings light into our shadows and awakens the energy of our consciousness to develop a more intuitive and ready mind.

In the Western world, Kundalini Yoga is known thanks to the intense work of Yogi Bhajan after centuries in which this practice was transmitted only in secret from the master to the chosen student. From its origins directly in the sacred books of tradition, Kundalini Yoga had never been taught publicly. Yogi Bhajan gave his knowledge to the world by proclaiming that health, happiness and the sacred are everyone's birthright, and Kundalini Yoga is the way to affirm this right.

What does the word Kundalini mean

From Sanskrit Kundal, masculine "circular" but also "snake coiled" and Kundali, feminine "ring or twisted rope". The term Kundalini therefore indicates an intangible energy located at the base of the column, generally represented or conceptualized with a snake wrapped in itself in three and a half spirals that sleeps at the base of the spine, in the seat of the first chakra. This lying or dormant energy is our life energy.

Kundalini Yoga tends to prepare the body for the awakening of this energy, this serpent rising through the chakras towards the center of the head as if to the sound of a charmer flute.

What should I expect from kundalini yoga for beginners