Let's Go: A Warm-Up Yoga Sequence for Beginners!

Performing yoga exercises with a certain consistency allows you to achieve good joint elasticity and excellent muscle tone; moreover, it gives the possibility to learn to breathe correctly, oxygenating all muscles. However, you also need to know how to move in order to have a proper warm-up session before starting a practice of this type. Even yoga, in fact, requires a careful preparation phase, which is based on heating all the muscles that will be used during the exercises, to a greater extent than others. You can also try to perform a series of positions before and after warming up: you will notice that the second time you will perform them with greater intensity. Through the following steps we will explain how to do the pre-yoga warm up, which is different from preparing for any other physical exercise. Let’s see an easy to perform yoga warm up sequence for beginners

Yoga warm up sequence for beginners : the neck series

These sequence is amazing to strecth your neck and get ready for the practice!

warm up yoga sequence for beginners

Exercise 1: Flexion of the lateral muscles of the neck

Flex the head to the right and left by bringing the ear to the shoulder 10 times. Help the movement with the ipsilateral hand until a slight tension is reached on the opposite side of the neck.

Exercise 2: Bending the head forward

With your hands crossed just above the nape of your neck, bend your head forward, bringing your chin as close to your chest as possible. Stay in this position for 10 seconds keeping your torso straight. Get back to center and repeat.

Exercise 3: Bending the neck back

Flex your head back by lifting your chin and hold the position for 10 seconds. Get back to center and repeat.

Exercise 4: Neck Rotation

Rotate your head left and right aligning your chin with your shoulder. Keep your head erect and gaze forward. Perform 10 rotations.

Yoga warm up sequence for beginners  to wake up the spine

Seated twist 

seated twist yoga pose for warm up

This seated gentle twist is a great way to wake up your spine while releasing all the tension or any stiffness you gathered during the day.

Get seated with your left leg extended and right leg bent, rotate the chest to the right and wrap the left arm outside the bent right leg, grabbing it with the left hand. Slightly pull the bent leg upwards in order to slightly lift the right hip off the ground. Place your right hand on the ground behind your pelvis and press down to help support and open your chest. Gently turn your head to the right to complete the rotation up to the level of the cervical spine. With each inhalation, stretch the spine upwards and with each exhalation, rotate the torso a little more. If you want, you can grab your hands behind your back. Then return to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side as well.

Cat and Cow yoga warm up sequence for beginners: to wake up the whole body

cat cow yoga pose for warm up

Cat and Cow sequence seems something too basic but it’s actually a wonderful way to wake up the whole body as you engage core, spine, back and arms all at once!
Position yourself on all fours.
    Cow: Inhale slowly and arch your back, bringing it down, and bring your shoulder blades together. If you want, slowly turn your gaze upwards. Warning: do not make sudden movements.
    Cat: exhale slowly and arch your back, this time curving it upwards. Look down, pull your shoulder blades apart, and fully extend your spine.
    Repeat these movements as a flow. 

Plank (Phalakasana) : yoga warm up sequence for beginners  to wake up the core
Plank is a wonderful posture to wake up the core but actually it’s great to generate some heat! 

plank yoga pose for warm up

Stand on the floor, on all fours.
    Keep your arms straight, hands in line with your shoulders.
    Step back with your knees to align your knees, pelvis and shoulders.
    Contract your abs and hold the position while standing still. Remember to keep your breath under control, without blocking it for the duration of the exercise. Embrace the heat and stay in plank for at least 10 breaths. 

Downward facing dog (Adho mukha svanasana) for yoga warm up sequence for beginners

downward facing dog yoga pose for warm up

Downward facing dog is a basic easy inversion you have to add to your warm up routine to let the juices flowing and to stretch your legs out! 
Get on your knees on the mat with your knees as wide as your hips, place your hands on the ground as wide as your shoulders, press your big toes to the ground and lift your knees slightly upwards keeping them bent. Return to the ground with your knees and then slowly lift yourself up again, rising higher with your pelvis. In this way the ischium go up and the back stretches more and more. The shoulders open well and the palms press hard to the ground. Now extend one leg at a time simulating a kind of bicycle in place, bringing the heels to the ground alternately. The back and thigh muscles are active. Then, if you can, bring both heels to the ground into the full downward dog position or pedal it out for at least 10 breaths!

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