Babassu Oil (Orbingya Oleifera) and its Benefits in Soap Making, as well as Bath and Beauty Products

Color: Clear/light yellow
Origin: Babassu Palm Seeds
Location: South America
Usage: Cold Process Soaps: 2-33%; Lotions: 3-5%; Balms: 3-10%
Consistency: Typically Solid at Room Temperature

Babassu oil is a Brazilian oil that is used for medical, cosmetic, and food-related purposes. In this post, we'll explain what this oil is and what some of the research says about the benefits of babassu oil. Babassu oil is often seen and used in soaps, lotions, and many applications in the bath & beauty market.

It can even be a great upgrade or substitute oil for coconut oil in soaps, lotions and hair products, as this oil adds the same firming and moisturizing properties of coconut and palm oil. The benefit of this oil however, is that fact it is lighter then coconut oil and absorbs more readily into the skin.

What is Babassu Oil?

Babassu oil is a type of tropical oil that has many uses. It comes from the babassu palm tree, which is native to South American rainforests. To make this oil, manufacturers use the seeds of this tree and extract from them until oil forms. The oil extraction is actually a main source of income in some communities in northeast Brazil. Other parts of the Babassu palm tree, like the leaves, roots and fruit are used for other medicinal purposes.

Babassu oil is full of rich nutrients, antioxidants, fats and is perfect for a host of skincare and beauty products. In addition, you can also use this oil to make your very own soaps. like we mentioned above, even at usage rates up to 33%, with the only drawback being the slightly elevated price compared to oils like coconut.

Benefits of Babassu Oil For Bath and Beauty Products and Soap Making:

1. Helps Heal Skin and Bring Down Inflammation 

Babassu oil has been used for medical purposes in South America for many years. In fact, this oil is touted for it's ability to help with wound healing and inflammation. This is because babassu oil is full of antioxidants and antibacterial properties. It has in fact long been used medically for skin wounds, inflammation and vulvovaginitis, in these communities.

Much of the research on babassu oil has been done via animals, like this 2017 study that looked at babassu oil as a topical anti-inflammatory in mice ear-edema. The study did find a significant anti-inflammatory increase with this particular oil.  Another 2009 study, revealed lauric acid which is a rich component of babassu oil, to potentially have use as an alternative treatment for antibiotic therapy of acne vulgaris.

Further studies have also shown it's ability to treat certain stomach related issues like, gastritis. One study in particular in 2011, concluded that products derived from babassu oil are beneficial for gastritis, leukorrhea, and other types of wounds.

Like olive oil, babassu contains oleic acid, which has been suggested to not just help with inflammatory diseases, but also suggest a benefit effect on cancer, autoimmune diseases and wound healing, as shown in this animal study in 2006.

2. Moisturizes and Absorbs Into Skin Easily

In addition to blending well for soap making and other lotions/creams care products, it is a popular choice due to the ease in which it absorbs, as well as being a lightweight emollient onto the skin. Unlike other heavier oils and lotions, babassu oil goes into the skin readily and is absorbed quickly, leading to a fast and hydrating appearance, and feel.

Babassu oil contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Saturated fats include lauric, myristic, and palmitic acids. These acids are used in many facial cleansers, partially due to it's ability (lauric acid) to treat skin conditions like xerosis (dry skin) and psoriasis. Myristic acid is useful for clearing away oils and keeping the skin hydrated and youthful looking.

On top of these compounds, the monosaturated fat (oleic acid) is also a component of babassu oil. Oleic acid, out of those mentioned above has been found in one research study in 2019, to have the best potential to treat atopic dermatitis.

3. Helps With Hair Health

Not only can babassu oil improve the look of your skin, but this natural oil can also help moisturize your hair. One of the advantages of using Babassu oil over oils like coconut oil, is that it's even more lightweight then that of coconut oil. According to Teodora botanicals, if using this oil for a "leave-on" application after about an hour you may not even notice you applied it. After a few weeks of usage you may notice smoother textured hair and less breakage. The fatty acids within this oil help to form a shield and lock in moisture, giving your hair a heathier appearance.

No one wants flat dead looking hair. Luckily, babassu oil can help change the way your hair looks and give it volume. It may also be a of benefit for people who suffer from dandruff or dry scalp, as this oil not only absorbs easily, but will not cling to your roots or clog pores.

4. Mood Boost?

Although more related to oral supplementation of babassu oil, we thought this was a cool fact. In one study of cancer patients, researchers found that with babassu oil supplementation, fatigue was decreased and overall quality of life was improved!

Final Thoughts!

What a cool oil, with lot's of potential benefits. If you or someone has used this oil before, whether as a stand alone hair application or incorporated into other products, please share your experience as we and the community would love to hear how it worked for you!

In soap-making, this oil is easy to use. It blends in nicely with the rest of your oils, and if you're looking for a moisturizing ingredient to add to your soap or DIY beauty products, babassu oil is perfect. It has a smooth texture and it smells great, as well.

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