What is a Bath Bomb Press Machine & Can it Benefit my Business?

The first step in any bath bomb making business is to understand what you're working with and how the ingredients work together to eventually give you the results you want. This is truly a science. Whether that be a colorful bath bomb, one that fizz's, floats, spins, foams, soothes or even one that has that special surprise inside.

After you have figured out the purpose of your bath bomb(s), the next step is to make sure the ingredients work together to give you a mixture that will hold up to being molded and un-molded. Once you have achieved some of these steps, there are additional tools and accessories that can make your life a little bit easier.

Best Bath Bomb Mold Press Machine

If you are simply looking to make bath bombs for fun to distribute at birthdays or holidays, or for kids to play with in the tub, a bath bomb press, or bath bomb molding machine is probably not necessary for you.

However, if you're someone who makes and sells bath bombs for a living or a side job, a bath bomb press machine may be just what the doctor ordered. Making dozens of these treats everyday may be fun at first, but you will get to a point where you want to automate this process a little more, especially if you sell well online or through channels such as local, county fairs and other events where you are making large batches.

There are several different press machines out on the market, including electric ones, to single and double press machines where you can do multiple molds at once.

The great thing about these is they save your hands and wrists from that constant press together motion that can get quite cumbersome. Not only that, the newer presses are designed for a variety of bath bomb molds and designs, so no longer do you have to stick with only round bath bombs.

Electric Bath Bomb Press:

These are probably the best bath bomb presses because you do virtually no work or labor, it's simply getting your ingredients together to form the perfect mold and the machine does the rest.

The downside of these bath bomb press machines, is there price-tag. If you look into getting an electric press from a reputable company you are easily looking at a couple hundred bucks to even over a grand. From experience, you get what you pay for with these. You can find these from places like Amazon or simply doing a search on google for bath bomb mold press machines.

Regardless, make sure you read your reviews. Also, many of these automated mold presses come with there own recipes that work best for there molds, so keep that in mind. Here are one of the simpler electric bath bomb presses: Electra Press

Hand Press Bath Bomb Mold Machine:

You can also find presses that have a lever on them in which you rotate, to lower the press and make the bath bomb. Again, not a lot of effort goes into using these, however like the electric one's it helps to go with a reputable brand that has positive reviews.

If you are doing this for fun around the house or for parties, you may invest in one of the bath bomb mold sets which include a hand press. Many of these are made of cheaper material, but work surprisingly well for the occasional bath bomb maker. They also come with a multitude of designs and molds.

Hand press mold machine

So there you have it, if you're looking to automate or streamline your bath bomb making, a bath bomb mold press machine may be just right for you. Make sure to share our posts and products across your social media platforms, it's greatly appreciated. See you next time!

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