Why Fizz and Bubble Bath Bombs Continue their Popular Trend

Fizzy little bath bombs, I don't think, will ever lose their popularity and it's probably for a variety of reasons.

First brought to mainstream attention through companies like LUSH, bath bombs have went through a lot of changes over the years as more people have experimented with them.

So what are some of the reasons in our opinion, these bath fizzy's remain a popular trend all over!

bath fizzer

#1: Change

I think the number 1 reason bath bombs or bath fizzer's have remained a popular trend is because of their ability to change.

People and business's have continued to experiment with and push the limits for what a bath bomb can do. Originally just known for their aromatics and cool fizzing actions, these fizzy bath bombs have changed over the year.

Now you can purchase ones that have toys inside of them and other fun surprises like jewelry as well as almost any design you can imagine can be molded into the perfect bath bomb.

People have also become pretty crafty, like making them move in the water to give certain affects that they want.

bath fizzer

#2: You Can Do It!

Another reason they stay popular is that anyone that wants to create a bath bomb, can create a bath bomb. Sure it takes practice to get a recipe down, as well as how to effectively mold, but truly anyone can create one.

All you need is a few bath bomb ingredients!

The limits of what you want a bath bomb to do and design, really ends with your own imagination. Their are plenty of videos out their as well to get you going for free.

fizz and bubble bath bomb

#3: Affordability

Yes, sure you can go to LUSH or other big name stores and purchase a 6, 7, 8 or even 12 dollar bath bomb depending on size, details and ingredients, but now more then ever you can purchase them at super low cost and still get a bang for your buck.

One search on ETSY and I think you can literally find any type of bath bomb you want for a wide range in prices. Just remember that usually the more affordable or low cost a bath bomb is, the less ingredients it has in it. This can be good and bad depending on what you want it to do.

Do you want high quality low weight oils, as well as butters, embeds, water soluble colors and clay's? Well, then you are probably looking at more then a 2$ bath bomb.

However if you just want a beautiful scent and cool fizzing bath bomb then you can definitely find it for super cheap.

#4: Basics Never Change
No matter how sophisticated bath bombs become, the core ingredients of a bath bomb never change.

They are needed to create the fizzing action, so they will be forever able to be made, and made at an affordable cost and safely.

bath fizzers

#5: Fun. Fun. Fun

Reason number five that fizz and bubble bath bombs will always be a popular trend is because they are just plan fun. Literally anyone can use one, including men, women and children.

To be safe we always recommend supervision and making sure all ingredients are all natural especially when talking about our children, but bath bombs are just plan cool.

fizz and bubble bath bomb

#6: They can be portable

Another reason people love bath bombs is that they can be either displayed and kept neatly in the bathroom because of their size, but if you want you can also travel fairy easily with them.

Placing them in an air tight container, will keep them fresh and make sure not additional moisture can get to them that can decrease that desirable fizzing action.

bath fizzers

#7: Gifts
Bath bombs are not only easy to make at home, but with a little research you can not only make them, but gift them. They can be a really cool birthday gift, Christmas, or even a relaxing gift for that hard working mom.

The possibilities are truly endless.

fizzy bath bombs

#8: They Look Amazing!

Last but certainly not least, they look amazing. Bath bombs are easy on the eyes, and can be displayed or stored for visibility in your bathroom and people will say how amazing they look.

From there bright vibrant colors, to there cool designs and styles, they can become a fun talking point for anyone.

fizzy bath bombs

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