Beach Yoga: Tranquility at its Finest, with Yoga on the Beach!

Yoga on the beach

Yoga is useful for your body and soul. Numerous yoga studios around the globe offer beach yoga, yet how does this influence your well-being?

There are numerous advantages of practicing yoga close to the beach: an additional portion of sunlight, the fun of playing in the water, and obviously, practicing on the sand.

All things considered, research shows that being close to the water has a great deal of advantages; lowering blood pressure, strengthening your immune system, increasing creativity, and improves your overall well-being. Include yoga and you have an incredible method of staying healthy!

Not only is being by the sea healthy by itself, practicing yoga generally improves your health. It also makes you work harder when practicing, as the sand shifts under your feet. You know those tiny little grains of sand you sift through your toes as the waves retreat back into the water?

Those grains create an unbalanced surface and adds resistance to beach yoga.

yoga on the beach

You will find yourself making small adjustments to hold each and every pose.  In other words, sand creates an increase in muscle recruitment and provides a higher calorie burn, talk about losing weight, right?! The increased use of muscles in your body causes your concentration levels to be heightened.

So what are your waiting for, get out there and practice some yoga on the beach!

Performing yoga on the beach not only helps build muscle, but it also helps you work on your balance. Since the sand is uneven and is constantly moving beneath your feet, you will need to concentrate harder on keeping a balanced position.

Once you get used to the feeling of the sand, you will be a professional at keeping yourself balanced and in the right position, even more so in you daily living after giving this a try!

Just being at the beach can help you clear your mind and your soul. Feeling the warmth of the sand between your toes, hearing the waves splashing around, smelling the ocean – you can’t help but remove yourself from the real world and relax.

I'm sure your would agree with me that the coolness of the salty water on your skin on a hot sunny day, gives a relaxing feeling that even the mind cannot comprehend. Yoga is meant to do this as well. When combined, you will come out the other side with a clear mind and heart.

beach yoga

Breathing is an important aspect of yoga. It helps your body to fuel your muscles so you can successfully make every pose. It also helps release tension to feel an inner calm.

When breathing & practicing yoga is combined with the fresh air of the beach, this will give you the feelings of revitalized lungs.

Vitamin D is very essential for the body. When you are exposed to sunlight while practicing beach yoga, this helps your body produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital in the human body and helps you stay healthy longer, and just plan makes you feel better!

beach yoga

The importance of beach yoga cannot be overemphasized.  Imagine exercising closer to a massive body of water, breathing clean air and admiring the scenic view that is characterized by most beaches.

Breath in......Breath out......Relax......

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