Benefits of Doing Morning Meditation

benefits of morning meditation

Are you looking for an amazing and refreshing way to start your day? Well, we just might have something exciting that will not just start you off on the right foot, but keep you up for the challenges of daily life. We are referencing the benefits of doing a daily morning meditation routine.

Incorporating morning meditation in your daily routine can be a life-changing experience in a very positive way. With morning meditation you'll likely need a little bit of patience and commitment, but the end results can be quite dramatic. 

The practice of meditation in general has been around for literally, thousands of years, and it's no coincidence that it's stood the test of time. Gone are the days of just anecdotal evidence and hearsay about the practice, now more then ever, scientific research is putting this art form, on the map!

You see, meditation is a way of not just helping us focus and harness energy, but's it's about helping us to discover and cultivate our inner being, and strengths. It helps teach us to focus our minds in a way, you've likely never experience before, and on top of that, helps us in many ways react better to what may have been a stressful situation. 

Now, is there really a best time to meditate?

Truth is, this can be a very subjective response based on the individual practitioner. Some may meditate multiple times throughout there day, some may feel as in the morning or before going to bed works best for there individual needs. Some are even able to break away and have meditation session whenever they become stressed. Forms of meditation, like walking meditation, works well in these moments. 

However, meditation in the morning, no doubt has it's benefits, and we'll touch on a few of them today, in this post.

Many people swear that morning meditation is best because this is a time when we are really "setting the tone" for our day. Setting the tone with positive vibes, affirmations, visualizations and calming thoughts, set's you up for success. It may even help you feel more confident and focused, "right off the bat"! Others meditate in the morning because of time constraints, once they finally get "into their day", it becomes hard for them to break away.

So here, we'll discuss some of the amazing benefits of morning meditation, that can truly set your mood for the day, getting you off to a fresh, positive start.

Benefits of Morning Meditation

Like mentioned prior, the thought process behind a good morning meditation session is that that it puts people in a positive mood and oftentimes allows them to navigate through their daily activities with less stress. 

Anxiety, and symptoms of anxiety is better handled when one has full control over their thoughts, emotions, and can easily deal with issues, be it at work or at home with ease. Meditation practices like morning gratitude meditation, or using positive affirmation-type meditation, is a great place to start. 

As alway,s if you've never indulged in the practice, it's always helpful to be apart of a guided meditation session from an instructor. The instructors will be more apt to talk you through the process, what to expect, where your mind may take you, and lastly, how you can respond to a wondering mind. Sometimes it's these small nuances when we start our practice, that makes all the difference!

a. Bring On The Day!

stay positive

Starting each day with positivity and a sense of calmness can be carried throughout your day, enabling you to deal with tough situations with positive thoughts, oftentimes allowing your to come down from a flight-or-flight response more effectively and efficiently. A medically reviewed article on The Insider, discusses this very nuance of morning meditation, as being able to "include a mood boost, improved focus, and productivity". 

It's important to note that it is not a one time fix, staying consistent with a morning meditation routine takes commitment and consistency. This is key if you wish to see changes come about from morning meditation sessions. 

A specific poll about morning routines of 2,000 American found that 1/3 or 36% of them said that meditation was "essential to start there day off perfectly". Another interesting number within the poll was that 77% of those polled, rated their mornings as "rushed".

An important takeaway of these types of studies, is to give yourself time to experience meditating in a way that best suits you, as there are many styles and individualities within the practice. Heck, we still learn about meditation practices, all the time. Take for instance, Brahma Kumaris Rajayoga Meditation (BKRM), which is another form of meditation that is linked (scientifically) to "increasing self-satisfaction and happiness in life" by enhancing positive thinking. 

b. Deal With Stress

a way to deal with stress

Meditation is like a topical remedy for stress; it has many positive impacts; like enhanced happiness, the ability to be more creative and to even sleep better at night. If there was an ideal solution to relieving people from stress, daily meditation is definitely one suggestion for all of us; its effects can be significant when done routinely.  

Several studies have proposed that meditation has several health benefits. It’s most notable effects can be seen in easing stress. Meditation is a unique way to make time out of your day for yourself away from appointments, work deadlines, and other obligations.

One notable 2011 study from Harvard Medical School, found a connection between MBSR or Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and processing new information. MRI images actually showed changes in gray matter in parts of the brain responsible for emotional regulation.

An article published on One Medical suggests that meditation creates an opportunity for individual's to take, or create time for themselves. This is time away from work, business projects, or other daily obligations. 

There have been numerous other studies comparing mindfulness practices vs. programs without mindfulness meditation, showing similar results both via brain scans and objective statements from participants

c. Pain Relief?

meditation may help with pain

Though meditation in general is not a replacement for medical treatment, according to Healthline many people turn to mindfulness meditation to help alleviate some of the symptoms of migraines. It has been proven to reduce pain that can be linked to headaches, which makes it a perfect match to more traditional tactics when it comes to health and wellness.

One systematic review of studies, which included 6404 participants, looked at mind-body therapies (i.e. mediation, hypnosis, relaxation guided imagery, etc.) to pain reduction and opioid intake. Results of the the studies reviewed indicated that mind-body therapies were associated with improved pain, and reduction in opioid dosing.  

d. Clearer Vision!

clearer vision

Morning meditation in concept helps to give the mind "a break", which offers a chance to get away from one’s daily issues. Sometimes, as humans, we just need some silence, stillness, peace and tranquility.

One of the main concepts of meditation, however, is the ability to focus the mind. Think of morning meditation as a morning stretch for your brain, shifting your focus from physical to mental, says 

Meditation in it of itself is about concentration, fixating on a point, whether that be your breath, mala beads, a mantra or other object, that can re-center your mind on the present moment. According to Columbia University Medical Center meditating can "change the structure and function of the brain through relaxation", and in turn help increase focus and leaning concentration. 

Being calm, sort of creates this space for you to gain a bigger picture or vision of your life and your daily obstacles. There is so much clarity and wisdom that surrounds us, and within us; sometimes just being able to take a break from your daily challenges, allows you to discover or see a clearer picture of things.

You become more direct, focused and clear with what your goals are. It can become a way that not only releases tension from the body and mind, increasing energy, but also helps you to plan and sort your day more effectively and efficiently. Psychology Today talks in an article about how meditation helps to improve mental focus, here.

e. Boost General Self-Esteem

improve your self esteem

Improved mindfulness makes you more emotionally balanced and boosts an overall sense of wellness. Having a daily morning meditation session can make you more appreciative of the positive experience of life, and make you stronger in facing new challenges while creating more lasting positive thoughts and memories.

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Some of the ways meditation encourages better self-esteem, is simply do to the fact it allows for moments of deep self-reflection, and is a non-judgmental process. 

Mindfulness meditation has even shown promise to help with symptoms of social anxiety. One study actually looked, again at brain behavior mechanisms post MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). "Post-MBSR, showed increased activity of brain network related to attention regulation", as well as things such as increased self-esteem, and increased positive self-endorsement. 

f. Gain & Maintain Energy

Meditation may also be linked to more focused energy. According to EOC Institute, many people find it surprising that meditation actually boost your energy level. Weird, right? This is a technique that most think of as calming and relaxing, not necessarily as a way to increase energy.

During meditation, you may discover that your energy level increases, and may even lead to a reduced intake of caffeine or other substances used for short bursts of energy.

g. Eat Healthier

Numerous studies have shown that when we get stressed or deprived of good sleep, we tend to have more cravings, especially for those unhealthy processed foods that contain lots of sugar and saturated fats. With meditation, you may even crave healthier food choices and eat healthier, due to being in a state of less stress.

Post results of one study which examined MM (mindfulness meditation), when added to standard behavioral weight loss programs, contributed to a significant reduction in eating behaviors, and dietary restraint, as well as overall weight loss. 

h. Grow Social Bonds

improve social bonds

A lot of the time, people who tend to criticize and even judge others, are those who have really low self-esteem, accompanied with lots of negative emotions. Meditation gives people room for positive thoughts and emotions like; compassion, enthusiasm, humor and lots of excitement.

Have you ever noticed how people with these character traits just seem to radiate; people and others tend to really enjoy their company. Try to get in a circle of friends that also enjoy to meditate – it really encourages a peaceful lifestyle.

On top of helping to create better relationships and social bonds, there has even been a study, showing a significant correlation between mindfulness and martial satisfaction, including less arguments and spouses being open to new experiences. 

Final Thoughts!

As you can see there, are many advantages and benefits to morning meditation (or meditation in general), although it can be challenging to get started. Like many of things in life, it takes some intrinsic motivation and discipline.

Some of you are simply not morning people and that's okay, find time to get into this practice and see if it can change your life for the better. Meditation, especially in the morning, helps people deal with their mental health as it is about embracing positivity while discarding negative thoughts. This can be a truly refreshing experience. 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the benefits of morning meditation. Please feel free to share any experiences you've had with meditating in the morning, in the comments section below.














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