Common Ways to Improve & Increase Self-Confidence or Self-Esteem

improve and increase self confidence

Has there ever been someone who was successful and truly happy in there lives that wasn't confident in themselves or what they were doing? Probably not! 

The fact is, having high self-confidence can help in all aspects of your life. Some people just exude confidence, it just seems that's how there're wire, while some, it can be a struggle from time to time.

Having low self-esteem could be from a number of factors, many of which have been written about in books that run on for hundreds of pages, but having low self-esteem can make it difficult to view yourself in a positive light. Many people suffer from low self-esteem issues and confidence issues.

It isn’t wrong or uncommon to think poorly of yourself, but if you can improve your self-esteem or confidence, you are more likely to get what you want in life. We'll discuss some of the ways in which you can improve and increase self-confidence and self-esteem.


How You Can Improve & Increase Self Confidence or Self Esteem:


1. Focus On Positive Traits/Strengths and Act On Them

think positively about your strengths

We all have things that we need to work on, but instead of trying to always focus on your weaknesses, make your positive traits work to your advantage. This will help you move forward in your life and aim towards more achievable goals. Sure you can always come back to try and improve on things you struggle with, but sometimes people have ceilings on certain traits, why not focus on making your positive traits even better!

Stop comparing yourself to others, it simply is not healthy to do all the time. It can cause you to create a feeling of envy towards others. Others, that may have a bigger house or a higher paying job, doesn't always make you happier in life. Ever heard the phrase, "the grass is not always greener on the other side"?

Focusing on the negative, may just be your excuse that prevents you from making any changes in your life.  Instead, try changing your mindset and attitude. You aren’t going to succeed at everything you do, but at the very least, you can try to channel your strengths into something positive and act.


2. Hone in on Hobbies or Activities That You Are Passionate About

focus on your passion and or hobbies

If you know you're passionate about something or that you have something you enjoy doing, chase after it. Do not let hobbies and skills go to the wayside, and do not doubt yourself. If you give up on things that you're passionate about or excited to do, you will lose confidence more easily. You will only be proving to yourself that you're incapable of succeeding.

Again, look at your strengths and stick with activities that will increase your self-esteem. Once you start doing something you enjoy, and see that you're capable of doing it, you'll feel better about yourself. Remember, it's okay to fail and not see results right away, this is sometimes how your learn more quickly. 

Anything worth doing in life, takes time to master.


3. Try Working Out

start working out to help with confidence and self esteem

Another common well-known way to give that self-esteem and self-confidence a boost, is by going to a gym or working out from your home. This might not seem like an appealing option for many people, but feeling good to some is about looking good as well. Looking in the mirror and beaming with a healthy look, can be a major confidence upgrade.

A regular workout routine gives you purpose and helps you look and feel better overall. In addition, exercise is the perfect way to prove to yourself that you are competent. It also causes the release of chemicals in the brain that make you feel better (endorphins), so with consistent workouts you are bound to feel better overall. 

When you finally see the results of your hard work, your confidence can only go upward. The goal of your workout should not be purely physical, though. Gaining confidence through working-out involves goal setting and hard work. Getting more fit is just a side effect of your dedication and determination!

Add alternative forms of mind-body exercise like yoga and meditation to the mix as well, as this can help stress levels and keep your mind at ease. Even embarking on aromatherapy, essential oils or a massage may be something that interests you. A good aroma can always help lift moods!


4. Surround Yourself With Uplifting People

surround yourself with happy positive people

You want to be around people that have your best interests at heart and know how to lift you up. People in your social circle can either improve or diminish your self-confidence and self-esteem.  So, really look at the people around you. Sometimes, just having a supportive set of friends or family members can be enough to improve your self-confidence.

Assess whether the people in your life are lifting you up or bringing you down. If you can, cut out anyone that is bringing toxic or demeaning energy into your life or at the very least let them know the way you feel about things!


5. Challenge Yourself With Difficult Tasks/Goals

challenge yourself

When you have low self-confidence, you may struggle to enter new situations and try new things. However, goal setting and challenging yourself is a key part of growth and confidence-boosting. You might not think you are capable of doing something difficult, but if you can push yourself to enter situations that get you closer to your goals, you will improve your self-esteem.

By actively proving to yourself that you are capable of doing difficult and new things you will see a difference in your self-perception and confidence. So, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. If you know that you have some competency in an area of your life, prove to yourself you are capable!


6. Cut Out Negative Self Talk

get rid of negativity

It’s good to be honest with yourself. In fact, you want to be realistic about where you are in your life, this way you can create goals and fully understand what actions need to be taken to get where you want to be.

However, you don’t have to be overly harsh or critical with yourself. It’s important to question yourself and assess yourself, but you want to be constructive with your criticism, this way you don’t tear yourself down.

Cut out thoughts that are unnecessary, damaging, or overly negative. For instance, thinking that you will never amount to anything, that you are worthless, or that you are a lost cause is not helpful to anyone. This type of negative thinking is destructive instead of constructive.

On the whole, you want to be aware of your weak points, but you don’t need to mentally beat yourself up over them. Instead, find out what you need to improve on and focus on becoming a better version of yourself. This will boost your confidence.


7. Help Other People

help others

Sometimes, we need to take a step back from ourselves to see our true potential. It’s easy to get stuck in our own problems and think about our limitations. However, helping others can reroute our mindset.

When you go out of your way to help someone who is struggling, your self-esteem almost instantly increases. Right away you can see that you are valued and that you're capable of helping someone else. A smile from a child in need, an elderly person at a home, or from someone in a soup kitchen shows you this up close.

In addition, volunteering gets you out of your comfort zone. You might be afraid to get out of your house and meet new people, but volunteering takes you out of your shell and teaches you just how impactful your actions can be. 


8. Do Not Constantly Compare Yourself to Other People

In today’s social media age, it is easy to compare ourselves to others. We all want to be more beautiful, more intelligent, or more successful. However, looking at other people and their achievements and comparing them to our own is not always helpful. In some cases, it can be downright harmful to your self-confidence.

It’s okay to want to achieve the same goals as someone else, but remember to go at your own pace. People's success is not always what it seems. Oftentimes, we don’t see the hard work and time others spent getting to where they are. So, you don’t have to gain instant success or renown just try to better yourself each day.

Final Thoughts!

Thanks for coming by, and we hope you enjoyed the post and have been able to take something away from it. As always, feel free to comment on other ways you have increased your confidence or self-esteem below!






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