5 Different & Fun Stress Relievers in the Comfort of your Own Home


In this article, let's discuss some ways to deal with stress at home, with a twist! We've all heard of the more common ways to deal with stress, like taking a break from what you're doing, taking a walk, deep breathing, exercising and what not. But there are a plethora of uncommon stress relievers and ideas for managing your stress right at home, sometimes you just need to think outside the box.


Here are just 5 of them to get you started:


A coloring book

That's right, easy, cheap and you can buy a book that lasts you for quite a while. These titles can be found on places like Amazon, or Ebay, and Bookriot.com. They are actually made just for this, helping to deal with stress and anxiety. There are a ton of different ones to buy, usually with very detailed pages that will keep you busy for hours. Let's face it, who can think out real-life when you're trying to stay in the lines, haha? This is an awesome idea to keep your mind at ease and off your crazy life



Calm your nerves and make your house smell wonderful, all while spending pennies on the dollar. Incense is super cheap. You can even DIY this at home if you have access to some essential oils/fragrance oils and some incense sticks. My personal favorite is Lavender and is usually my go to, even when using my home essential oil diffuser, but you can also use Sandalwood or peppermint to create an atmosphere of relaxation.


Get to writing

Writing is a great way to get your thoughts out, especially if you don't have anyone to vent to. Keep a diary. Start writing about things you are thankful for or people who are great inspirations in your life. Just get some thoughts down on paper and go from there, see where it takes you. Start a blog, (like this one) and discuss ways in which you try and decompress.


Stress balls

Who said you can only use these little guys at work. The idea behind stress balls is that during your everyday work life or personal life, you build up stress or tension in your body and squeezing a stress ball allows you to alleviate some of this tension onto the ball. The best part about stress balls is you can make these super cheap at home. Watch this video and give it a try. These are cheap and super easy, plus you can get really creative with them. This is a really cool and fun stress reliever that you can customize just for you!


Get organized.

One of the most stressful things (to me anyways) is clutter. Clutter literally drives me nuts, some people maybe not so much. However, you may find by getting more organized, leads to being able to better prioritize, which means you're probably able to function better on a day to day basis. Plus you can invest in some really cool planners. Again, this is another inexpensive way to be creative. Places like Etsy.com have great DIY planners. 


Welp, we hope this short blog helps, and you have found yourself some ways to reduce your stress at home, even if they are not the most common ones you've see. Give them a shot. We'd love to here back from you about your journey to live a more stress-free life. Come join us again at RNtoZen.com.

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