Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

If you're looking to spend some quality time with your kids this spring, get your crafting supplies out and your creativity flowing. Easter is the perfect holiday for family crafts. This spring celebration has all kinds of fun imagery and colors to use in crafting projects. From bunnies to chicks to chocolate eggs, the possibilities are endless!

You should be able to make the best Easter crafts ever with your kids, due to easy to follow projects. So, in this post, we will introduce some easy Easter crafts for kids. These crafts are low cost and a ton of fun for children of all ages.


Top Easter Crafts for Kids:

1. Paper Easter Basket

Paper Easter baskets are the first kid’s craft on this list. This easy to manage Easter craft is perfect for the Easter season. If your kids don’t have Easter bags prepared for their egg hunt, this is a great solution. You can use all kinds of colorful paper to make these baskets.

To begin, you’ll want to gather supplies for your kids. You’ll need an assortment of colored stock paper, a pencil, scissors, glue and a ruler. Really, this is one of the cheapest crafts on the list and it's super easy to make. Get the paper ready for your kids, then get out the ruler.

To start off this task you'll begin with a few simple folds of the paper (like mentioned in the video) then move onto some easy cuts with your scissors. From there we will move onto the gluing of the basket corners and then to the strap. Follow along with the video or cut some different designs from your own imagination to paste onto the completed basket. 


2. Pom-Pom Chicks

Pom-pom chicks are an even easier Easter craft for kids. All you need is yellow colored yarn, hot glue, googly eyes, and some orange felt. To make these, start by gathering the supplies. Once you have the supplies, prepare the yarn for your kids. Coil a bunch of yarn around your four fingers then set it aside. Then get one piece of yarn and wrap it around the middle of the coiled yarn. Tie it around the center, then start trimming the yarn.

Follow along in the video above!

You'll want to cut off all the loops so the yarn looks like a pom-pom.  One of two pom-poms can be made to create your chick. When the pom-pom is complete, you can move on to the next step. This involves gluing the eyes to the body of the chick and cutting out feet for the chick. Just have your kids cut out the feet then glue them to the bottom of their craft.


3. Easter Bunny Paper Plate

Easter bunny paper plates are another fun way to celebrate the Easter holiday! These simple Easter projects do not require many materials. You just need paper plates, colored construction paper, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, and colored pom-poms.

Follow along in the video above!

Easter bunny paper plates are one of the easiest crafts you can do with your kids, which is why we mention them here. This is mess free and super fun! All you need to do is cut out bunny ears for the plates. Have your kids draw and cut out two white bunny ears.

Then have them make slightly smaller colored bunny ears and cut them out. Glue the colored paper over the white paper, then attach the ears to the plate. Googly eyes can be placed on the plate next, then a pom-pom should be glued down, as well.  You can also draw on the eyes if wanted.

Prepare the pipe cleaners and cut them to needs. Glue them to the pom-pom nose, and if your kids want, they can draw a small mouth underneath the bunny’s nose. You can also use cotton balls under the nose for whiskers. 


4. Plastic Easter Egg Flowers

If you want to do an even easier Easter craft with your kids, you will love this next option. Plastic Easter egg flowers require minimal effort and supplies, and they're one of the most seasonal crafts on our list. All you need are plastic Easter eggs, and pipe cleaners.

Follow along in the video above!

Make sure your plastic eggs have holes in the bottom. Once completed, put your pipe cleaner through the holes and make sure the pipe cleaners are even. Twist the pipe cleaner together to form a stem. After this, your flower will be ready. You can make a whole bouquet of these flowers and put them in a vase. Be as creative as your want!


5. Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

Pipe cleaner bunnies are a little more challenging to make than plastic Easter egg flowers. But, this is another fun and colorful craft you can do with your kids this Easter! To get started, you will need a pipe cleaner in a few different colors, googly eyes, glue, and some pom-poms.

Follow along in the video above!

Begin by wrapping the pipe cleaner around something solid like a pen or pencil. Twist the pipe cleaner into a small spiral, then get another pipe cleaner and make it into an M shape.

You'll want your kids to stick the M shape into your other pipe cleaner, this will create the ears of the bunny. The bottom of the M will be the feet of the bunny

Once you're done with this, bend the body of the bunny over a little. This way it looks like it's hopping. Put the googly eyes and the nose on your creation as well. As a final touch, you can put a pom-pom as a tail.

This craft takes mere minutes to make, and, your kids will have nice looking decorations to keep them busy during the Easter holiday!


6. Pom-Pom Bunnies

This final craft for Easter is another fun pom-pom craft you can do with your kids. These cute little critters will have your kids jumping for joy! To begin this craft, we recommend buying some brown yarn and some googly eyes. Your kids can choose any color of yarn they want to make their bunnies, felt that matches the bunnies fur, a glue gun, and scissors will also be necessary for this craft.

Follow along with the video above!

Get the supplies ready and start by having your kids wrap yarn around their hands. You'll want a lot of yarn wrapped around your hand. Then tie a single piece of yarn down the center of your looped yarn. After this begin trimming the yarn until it looks like a pom-pom.

You'll need to make two of these pom-poms for the bunny. One for the body and a smaller one for the tail. Once both parts are completed and you have your pom-poms, glue them together, then start making the ears. Cut these out from the felt, then glue them on the bunny. You can put googly eyes on the bunny’s head, and if you want, stick a cotton ball tail on the bunny at the end!


Final Thoughts!

Be sure to try these crafts and share your thoughts on the ease of doing them with your kids on our blog. Share any other ideas you have as with u right here at RNtoZen.com!



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