Easy Painting Ideas for Kids: Keep them Entertained for Hours!

easy painting ideas for kids

Introducing your kids to a hobby can be an overwhelming task, but can also be something that leads to a sustained interest short or long term. Sometimes, kids have a hard time getting started with new activities, however many pick new things up fairly quickly, so you’ll need to find something they’re more likely to enjoy.

One of the simple activities you can introduce your kids to is painting. At an early age, kids just seem to gravitate towards painting, maybe it's the beautiful colors, maybe it's the mess they can make : ) , or maybe it's just a normal childhood process that most enjoy.

Encouraging them to paint is a great way to unlock their creativity and imagination. If you’re thinking about introducing your kids to painting, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the easy painting ideas for kids.

What you’ll need - 4 Simple Supplies 

      1. Paint

  •       You can find a wide variety of paint in local shops and online stores.

painting supplies for kids


      2. Kid’s paint brushes

  •      Choose paint brushes with a sturdy handle to ensure it lasts long without breaking. There are many different brush styles for kids to choose from.


kids paint brushes

      3. Canvas

  •       If you choose acrylic paint, stretched canvas works best for acrylic painting.

canvas for kids painting

      4. Paint containers

painting container for kids

Tips for Teaching Children Painting

a. Pick subjects your child will enjoy. Kids love to get involved in activities they enjoy. That’s why you need to select fun subjects so that your kid can develop a positive attitude towards painting. Some of the subjects that kids find interesting include watercolor special effects, painted rocks, kids' art coasters, and garden wind chimes.

b. Use smaller canvas to save supplies and time. A typical canvas size for painting measures 12" by 19" For kids, it needs to be smaller so that it's easier for them to paint. Ideally, the right size for kids should be around 6" by 9". Using smaller canvas saves you time and money while allowing your child to complete painting in much less time.

c. Create outlines for them to make everything easier. When your kid is starting out, it would be a good idea to create simple outlines for them. With an outline, your kid will find it easy to follow and be able to complete a range of paintings with ease.

d. Do away with pencils and erasers. Pencils are not recommended for teaching painting to kids because they encourage small paintings. Erasers encourage a lot of second-guessing and constant erasing. If you encourage your child to erase now and then, they might take a whole day to complete a simple painting project. That's why paint brushes are recommended so that they move quickly.

e. Have a ten-minute quiet time. Before your child starts painting, let them relax for about 10 minutes whereby they can reflect on what they’re about to paint.

tips for teaching children to paint

These easy painting ideas for kids will help your child have an easy time when they're getting started with painting. You’ll also need to be patient with them as they could take some time to grasp the whole idea.

They will make lots of mistakes at first, so do not be hard on them. Let them explore their creativity and they will start to develop a positive attitude towards painting. 

Paint Play Activities to Consider When Teaching Painting to your Kids

·   1. Bubble wrap painting

  •     Kids love to paint interesting patterns of bubble wrap. You can try out various themes to make the whole experience exciting for your kid.

bubble wrap kids painting

·   2. Paint me

  •     You can get your kids paint me picture books with portraits of birds, animals, plants, and other cute illustrations. Kids love to paint these picture books; hence it’s a perfect way to get them started with painting.

·   3. Large outdoor canvas

  •     You can attach a large canvas on a wall or place it on a flat surface for your kids to paint on. Taking painting to the outdoors can be fun and interesting for kids.

large outdoor canvas for children to paint on

·   4. Marble painting

  •      Let your kids roll marbles through paint to create fun masterpieces as they get accustomed to the art of painting.

marble painting

How Painting Can Benefit Your Kids

I. They can learn patience

Patience is a virtue any parent would want to instill in their kids, especially in today’s hectic life. Painting happens to be a fun way to teach kids how to be patient.

It can take time for one to make just the painting you want. Sometimes you get it wrong and you have to start all over again. Therefore, painting is a practical way to foster patience and perseverance in kids. This makes the end result even more satisfying.

painting teaches patience

II. It doesn’t cost much; unlike other hobbies

Unlike hobbies like yacht racing, scuba diving, and traveling, painting doesn't require much to get started. You simply need a paint brush, paint colors, a canvas; just a few materials, and your kids will be good to go.

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on pastimes that come with a high price tag. Just get some painting supplies and let your kids go to town. You can be sure that your kids will love the hobby while also allowing you to save money.

painting is Low cost for parents

III. Painting boosts your kids’ imagination

painting helps to explore your imagination

IV. Painting allows kids to express their creativity most profoundly.

It can unlock their creative skills, expand their thinking, and foster problem-solving skills in them.

V. Painting gives kids the freedom to think widely and embrace different possibilities.

Through painting, they can achieve personal development, and develop skills that can prove helpful in different areas of life.


VI. Painting can help improve kids memory

Introducing your kids to painting when they’re young helps to strengthen their memory through conceptual visualization and implementation. Generally, painting for kids is a creative outlet that allows them to exercise the parts of the brain responsible for memory. Moreover, painting helps to improve kids’ sense of self-worth and convey their personality with confidence.

VII. Painting fosters emotional well-being in kids

Painting allows children to release their emotions through artwork and helps them to understand their own emotional state. Painting can trigger feelings of happiness when artwork comes out as desired and at the same time, it can cause feelings of sadness when a piece of painting goes awry. The whole experience enables kids to develop emotional intelligence from a young age.

Final Thoughts!

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