Easy to Perform Yoga Asanas for Couples: Lets Get Doing Yoga, Together!

easy to perform yoga asanas for couples

Doing yoga together (whether you are a partner, a friend or a physical activity partner) stimulates our body and allows you to take the practice to another level, represented by respect for the person you are working with.

Doing yoga together therefore allows us to gain greater confidence in ourselves and in the other, greater awareness of our limits in relation to the other, and of the other in relation to us. This is all done with a total suspension of judgment towards the other and towards us. By removing any form of judgmental thought, one learns (and understands) an attitude of total openness.

doing yoga together

According to the National Center of Complementary Therapies, research suggests that yoga for individuals can help improve your mental and emotional health, so why not explore this further with a couples yoga and reap the benefits together?

The Benefits of Doing Yoga Together:

a. If yoga is practiced as a couple and as a partner in life, it means getting to know each other better and getting to know your partner better!
b. If you practice it with a friend it is a best way to strengthen the bond and create an even more trusting relationship!

yoga in two or in pairs

In any case, as already mentioned above, practicing yoga in two means trusting and relying on the other and making sure that the other trusts and relies on us. Practicing yoga in two therefore works not only on the physical part, but also, and above all on the psychological one.

Doing Yoga Together, Synchronizing the Body and the Breath

Before seeing in detail, the easiest yoga asanas for couples, it is important to remember that when practicing in pairs, it is good to clear your mind from prejudices and fears. It is essential to let yourself go completely, making sure that not only the movements of the body, but also the breath, are synchronized.

And the synchronization of the breath, for those who have never practiced yoga in two, is perhaps the aspect that at first can "scare" the most, because it requires great complicity and reciprocity.

When the practice of yoga in two becomes consolidated, you can also synchronize the mind. We explain ourselves better: when we let ourselves be overwhelmed by the practice, the mind becomes empty of the rest of the activities and focuses only on the breath and the movements to be done in two. It is clear that to get to this point (which can also be defined as a real goal) it is necessary to know each other very well.

Yoga Asana for Couple: Navasana


The image above describes a simple position for stretching the hamstrings, the large hamstrings, which in which for many are very contracted and lead to various disorders and pains affecting the ligaments and the spine. This two-person Yoga position is both invigorating for the abs and quadriceps which stabilize the body in a state of easy balance assisted by the partner. This position is a fundamental propaedeutic to stretch and strengthen ourselves to prepare ourselves for the most difficult yoga positions in two.

Execution: sit on the ground at such a distance that by extending your arms you can grasp each other's wrists (both hand grip the wrist of the other); the legs of both are bent, the knees together and the toes of the partners touch. Stretch one leg at a time upwards until the soles of the feet are in contact (image on the side), do the same thing with the other leg. Pull your shoulders back by opening your chest and stretch upwards to extend the spine. If the legs do not reach to extend, keep them bent, you will see that by practicing this position consistently they will improve!

——-> Focus: keep the chest open and the spine stretched.

Yoga asana for couples: Twisting in pairs


Description: The second position, also very simple in its execution, represents the torsion and purification asanas, asanas that through gentle controlled movements, squeeze and spray the organs, purifying the body and helping the process of elimination of metabolic waste. realigning any vertebral disharmony.

Yoga in pairs Execution: position yourself back to back with your legs crossed, your buttocks and shoulders touching, your heads not, synchronize your breath. Leave the pelvis firmly rooted to the ground and exhaling, both rotate the torso to the left, place the back of your left hand on your right knee; keeping your hips and shoulders in contact, hook your right hand to your partner's knee. Maintain the position for 3-4 minutes.

——-> Focus: keep the spine stretched and shoulders relaxed, breathe deeply in the position and do not force it.

Yoga asana for the couple: Utthitta Chaturangadandasana for two


The time has come to prepare arms and abs for the most complex positions... are you ready?!? Obviously, for a level playing field in this position we will alternate!

Execution: the person below is positioned in quadrupedal position, with hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Fingers wide open, extend one leg so that the partner positions himself at the level of his ankles.

The partner grabs the ankles one at a time, keeping his back straight, and trying to relax his arms. The standing person leaves one leg at a time of the surprise companion (without forgetting that he will then reap what he sows!)

Focus: The person below must keep the abdomen active, so as not to arch the back, activate the leg adductor muscles by pushing towards the partner's pelvis to stay stable, even when the partner unexpectedly let go of a leg. The standing person should stand with the back straight and the knees slightly bent to support the weight of the partner effortlessly from the back.

Final Thoughts!

Regardless what tactic you implore to reap the many vast benefits of yoga, remember to focus and harness your energy in the moment. 

Thanks again for stopping by, RN to Zen. Be sure to share your experiences with doing yoga together!



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