Essential Oil Car Diffuser: Aromatherapy For the "Ride"

car air vent diffusers

The great thing about essential oil car diffusers is that now you have the ability to enjoy the portability of aromatherapy. Are you someone that's always in a rush or has to deal with traffic on a daily basis? Many of us travel on a daily or weekly basis as part of our jobs. The power of portability and an essential oil car diffuser may be right for you in these cases. The other great thing about these diffusers is they now come in a variety of colors, shapes, materials and styles.

Let's face it, we all of have a certain way we want our cell phones, air fresheners and other accessories to look, fit, and function specifically to our daily routines, and aromatherapy car diffusers are no different. Find out more about the different types of diffusers below!

USB Essential Oil Car Diffuser:

These diffusers use a cable to plug directly into your USB port in your car. Most cars nowadays have built-in USB ports which make these a very easy to use option or you can simply purchase adapters so to plug it into another outlet in your car. One of the better USB diffusers out there is the Vyaime Essential Oil Car Diffuser. It's design makes for a spill proof, easy to fill and a powerful functioning diffuser.

This aromatherapy car diffuser will fit nicely in a cup holder, and is even powerful enough to be transported right into your home office and any other small space you may use on a regular basis. The design allows for about 200 milliliters of water, which gives this a long lasting life for its purpose.

usb car diffuser

Drawback: If you're looking for a smaller, sleeker design, this is probably not the choice for you.

Car Air-Vent Essential Oil Diffusers:

These diffusers are exactly what you may think, they function by clipping right onto your car vent. One of the great features about these types of car diffusers is that they don't require batteries, adapters or any other type of cord. These come in a multitude of designs, are sleek and you can buy different fragrances and refills to use for a long long time with one inexpensive purchase. In my experience the draw back is they don't give quite the aroma some of the other plug-in essential oil car diffusers offer.

Many of these car-vent diffuser come with re-usable pads in different colors in which you can add your essential oils to as they run dry. They do have a tendency to loose that aroma fairly quickly, especially if you're constantly running your AC or heat since this is what really drives the distribution of the essential oil aroma's.

air vent diffuser & mini car diffuser

DC Jack Car Diffuser:

Like the USB Diffusers, these run off the battery of your car. They come in a variety of different sizes and most are refillable with a specified amount of water and essential oil mixture. Once filled and plugged into your car adapter if will start to disperse the aroma into the car in the form of a mist-like substance. Depending on the chamber size, each fill will last anywhere from an hour to a few hours at a time.

Rear-view Mirror Hanging Diffusers:

Like the Car-vent essential oil diffusers, these don't use there own motor to help disperse aroma's. However, the vent diffusers do have the power of the heat or A/C to lean on, these hanging diffusers do not, which remains one of there major drawbacks. However if you're looking for some stress-relief scents, coupled with a space saving design, this may be the type of aromatherapy car diffuser of choice.

What to think about when buying an essential oil car diffuser:

  • Size of device (portability).
  • Design.
  • Length of time one fill will last.
  • Multiple misting modes (low/medium/high).
  • Safety: Auto-off feature (turns device off when chamber is empty).
  • Color changing.
  • Cords vs. no cords.

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