Essential Oil Bracelets: An Inexpensive Way to Ease Your Nerves!

aromatherapy diffuser bracelet

In previous post we've discussed the concept of aromatherapy and some of the great ways in 2020 that we can use this therapy to make us feel better. We've discussed different types of diffusers, how they work and also how they can be used in your home and even at work as well as some of the more portable diffusers including essential oil car diffuser.

In this blog post, let's talk about another really cool and innovative way in which we can keep these amazing aroma's close to us at all times. Let's talk about essential oil diffuser bracelet's!

aromatherapy diffuser bracelet

Why are Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets So Great?

The number one reason I believe that these bracelets are so fantastic is because they serve multiple purposes and most of time they are relatively inexpensive. If you are anything like us we love our essential oils, and when we are not at home using our diffusers, we never had access to our favorite aromas.

Do you ever have that scent that just puts your mind at ease, whether that be your favorite body lotions, bath products, even your husband or wives cologne or perfume? Well just imagine being able to have that aroma around you all day long or whenever you feel stressed out and need a pick me up. These aromatherapy diffuser bracelet's offer just that, and at the same time they are extremely stylish. Many of them come in all sorts of colors, and you can find ones to represent your personality and any occasions.
aroma bracelet

How do Essential Oil Bracelets Work Exactly and How do they Give Off their Great Aroma?

It's pretty simple actually. First off if you have read anything on the internet, or some of our blog posts you are sure to have found some information on different essential oils and how certain ones are tied to or linked to specific physical and emotional benefits. The bottom line is, you need to find the one or ones that do the most for you and bring you the most satisfaction. What do you do once you have found your favorite oil(s) and bought your new aromatherapy diffuser bracelet?

The key component to any good type of aroma bracelet is absorption. The beads that offer absorption is what makes these bracelets truly unique and give them their title. Your typical bead is not going to absorb moisture or an essential oil for a long lasting aroma. The beads that are added to these essential oil bracelets include; wood, lava stone, leather (or faux leather) and/or clay.

These are the typical types of beads added to a bracelet design to turn them into aromatherapy diffuser bracelets and not just another piece of jewelry. The other wonderful thing is that they release the aroma continuously, so that they may last a few hours or an entire day.

Aroma Bracelet

In 2020 you can find such unique and intriguing designs that can fit with your personality and merely any occasion. They can be blended into your style so that someone would not even suspect they were anything so special.

Your favorite mixtures that you may already add to your home or portable car diffuser, you can also use in an essential oil diffuser bracelet to get the same effect, so keep that in mind. Simply add a gemstone bead resembling or matching your specific birthstone and you truly have a one of a kind, very unique bracelet that fits you!

Aroma bracelet

How do you Apply the the Essential Oils to your Favorite Bracelet to get that Gratifying Feeling?

I am certainly the type to learn best by "seeing" a demonstration rather then us rambling on about it.

* This video demonstrates how to apply essential oil(s) to your diffuser bracelet *

The one other tip that the video does not say to do is to actually give a gentle rub to the stone(s) of which you added the oils. It's not absolutely necessary to do this because then of course you have the oil directly on your fingers, but I have found that it tends to absorb better with this method. You can also use a bottle with a roller to add the oils which may be just a little less messy.

Keep in mind that certain oils will last longer then others as far as there scent goes, and I always encourage when using aromas such as lemon, orange or other citrus scents to add an extra drop or two because they tend not to last quite as long as some of the other floral or mint scents.

Best Ways & Times to Use your Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet

Besides your bracelet bringing you a sense of tranquility throughout the day, here are some of the best uses for your bracelet:

  • During Yoga Sessions: Whether you practice yoga on your own, with friends or with group sessions, what makes these essential oil bracelets so unique is that they are specific to you, try adding a drop before a yoga session to increase your sense of calm
  • During Meditation: Like yoga, meditation is all about relaxation, why not try to add to that relaxed time period with a few drops of your favorites oils.
  • Before work: Probably my favorite time to add my oil(s) are before work. To some, work can be a stressful place and who wants to go through an 8-12 hour work day feeling stressed. Try adding some drops of essential oil(s) prior to work and kick start your day with relaxing aroma's. If you want to get a quick pick me up, citrus blends may be your go to.
  • After work: Nothing screams relaxation more then kicking off your shoes, and pouring a glass of wine after a long day, but how about enhancing those moments with another component. Simply add your go to relaxation blend to your essential oil diffuser bracelet for piece of mind like never before.
  • Before I Travel: Do you get stressed out when taking long trips or travel a lot via airports? Bring your sense of tranquility wherever you may go by adding a drop or two to your bracelet and taking some deep breathes before you head out.
  • Multiple Bracelets: Another great way to not only add that combination of amazing aroma's to your everyday life is to add them with style. The great thing about these aromatherapy bracelets is that they look great as an accessory piece, so try adding multiple bracelets to your wrist (stacking) for a unique style.

Well that's it! We hope you have learned a little about essential oil diffuser bracelet's and how you can add them to your life to help lesson the stress in your everyday routine. Thanks for stopping buy once again, we are always pleased to have you. Feel free to share our blog posts and products across your social networks as this would be much appreciated! Take care and have a blessed 2020!

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