Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant: A Hand's Free Way to Keep your Mind Clear and your Body Calm

Aromatherapy pendant necklace

Essential oil diffuser pendants, like the ones you find on many necklaces, are a great way to take the essence of aromatherapy anywhere you go. Whether you are a daily or weekly traveler, or just want a sense of calm on your commute and during the everyday hustle and bustle of life, an aromatherapy pendant may be right for you. Aromatherapy diffuser pendants offer you the ability to keep your favorite scents with you wherever you go. This is the ultimate sense of portability. They are extremely easy to understand and use, as well as being a very safe complement to other types of relaxation treatment or activities you do on a daily basis.

necklace diffuser pendant

With many styles and designs to choose from, essential oil diffuser jewelry, like aromatherapy in general, has become a huge trend given the fact that more and more people want to feel better, but want to also do it in an all-natural way. The great thing about the pendants is that they can be added to necklaces or bracelets, Depending on the size and look you are going for, so just keep that in mind when looking and doing research. Some essential oil diffuser pendants are made specifically for a necklace, while others frankly look and fit better on your wrist. Like many types of diffuser jewelry, adding these items to your attire is easier then ever,  many of the styles can and will complement the look you're going for.

One of the huge benefits from these types of oils is the fact you don't have to add anything directly to your skin. You can make almost any essential oil blend, including ones that are seasonal, to serve your individualized purpose or personalty. For instance, certain blends of oils can act as bug repellents in the humid summers, or if you work around unpleasant smells from time to time, you can benefit from diffuser pendants as well to help keep those unwanted smells at bay.


Beyond these Items Being Versatile and Trendy, How do I use a Diffuser Pendant?

One of the qualities about pendants is that they are extremely easy to use. Housed within essential oil diffuser pendants and other types of diffuser jewelry are small, all natural fabric felt pads. Once opening the housing or pendant, simply take your favorite essential oil(s) or blend(s) and add a few drops to the felt pad. Once you add roughly 1-3 drops (depending on the oil you choose), close the locket of the pendant or magnetic clasp and there you go.
The aroma from the felt pad will be dispersed over time throughout the day. Like any other essential oil diffuser, the time it lasts will vary and you will have to refill it from time to time, however the amount needed for refill is extremely small. Even if you only have say a 1 oz bottle, this is most likely going to last you a very long time. Keep in mind not all essential oils are made equal, some depending on scent and distributor can last longer and be more concentrated then others.

essential oil diffuser pendant necklace

Recommendations for Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry

It's important to remember that these pendants are made for essential oils, don't use them with other perfumes, fragrances, body sprays or mists. These types of aromas are synthetically made and do not have the same all-natural plant based properties of essential oils. I know sometimes it may be temping to use (as I myself love certain fragrances), but this is not the point of this type of jewelry, and they do not have the same therapeutic properties that essential oils have.

You may even see fragrances with essential oil/fragrance blends on the market and if that's something you enjoy then great, but it is not recommended to use those in these pendants either. In fact one of the great benefits of these oils is that they release just a subtle, but relaxing aroma for an extended period of time. Most are not overpowering like many fragrances can be. 

Use one disc per scent. Sure you can try to cover up one scent with another, but we recommended (because they are very inexpensive) to use one felt pad per oil of choice. Most pendants you purchase come with 5-10 felt pads, and doing a quick search on Amazon, you can find replacements with no problem.

Many people (and some research, although limited) believe that aromatherapy or essential oils have healing properties, and help with physical, and emotional stress as well as relieve them of discomfort or physical pain. It's been suggested certain oils have abilities to help people that have stress, anxiety, insomnia, allergies, suffer from chronic headaches, depression and even chronic fatigue. I myself use it to help me sleep at night, certain oils (specifically Lavender) give me a sense of relaxation and help me unwind after a long day.

There are many different types of diffuser jewelry out there and one of the other considerations when making a purchase is to think about longevity and how the material will withstand against the oils and just daily wear and tear. For the most part using stainless steel is a very quality look, but it serves another purpose that to me, means more then just the look, and that is longevity.
Stainless steel is known to be a material that does not rust and usually does not cause any sort of negative reaction when applied to someones skin. There are materials out there that cause reactions to peoples skin, most notable silver, and copper based jewelry. The other advantage because of the strong properties of the stainless steel diffuser pendants, is that they simply will not break down over time.
Let's face it, if you are wearing this everyday and actually using it for what it's worth, then oils are going to get onto the metal itself, and having a good resistant material to rust, like stainless steel, makes it a no brainier choice for essential oil diffuser jewelry.

Well we hope you learned some good information on this type of aromatherapy jewelry, as these make for great options for anyone looking for some calm in there lives. Be sure to share our post across social media.

Thanks and have a great day.

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