Expand Your Yoga Routine with these Yoga Props

the best yoga props

Yoga is one of those amazing techniques that not only allows you to get your heart rate up, but you can use it to greatly improve movement, flexibility as well as mindfulness at the same time. That's why it is often the go to mind and body experience.

Another great quality is that it continues to be modified to allow for things like yoga props in which can be added to get even more out of your workout. Many companies can provide you with high-quality yoga props. 

Yoga with props added is something that can give you increased results in your allotted time. In this article we would like to discuss some of the props that are used in yoga routines so that you can better focus your routine on your expected results and tailor your workout to your needs or expectations.

The first prop is obvious...

The Yoga Mat:

Yoga props

First of all, having a yoga mat is the basics of yoga routines, exercises and postures. Yoga is a technique for which you can spend quite a bit of time on the floor, so making sure you have a yoga mat that fits your body composition, and is comfortable, is pretty important.

Learn the basics for proper care of your yoga mat as well can be crucial to sustaining one for a long period of time!

For this purpose, a yoga mat is one of the primary yoga props that you need to research and buy responsibly. The great thing is that nowadays, they are made from all different types of materials, sizes, shapes and come in a vast array of colors.

Do one search on Google or Amazon and you'll see what I mean.

Yoga Blocks:

Yoga blocks bring a different dimension to your routine, they can add some excitement or really challenge you with some new stretching movements and routines. Yoga blocks can be used in a wide array of poses and positions, both standing, and on the ground.

Like yoga mats, yoga blocks come in wide variety of materials, like wood, bamboo, cork and even foam, making them versatile and comfortable to fit your needs.

The importance of yoga blocks is sometimes to not only further challenge one in reaching goals, but also to support you or act therapeutically throughout certain exercises, postures or poses. Watch the video above to better understand what these blocks can provide.

The Yoga Wheel:

So we've talked about yoga wheels a few times in the past. These are a really cool addition to the family of yoga props. They may not seem like much, but the sky is the limit in what they can be used for. These simple looking devices are good for a few reasons.

Number one, they can help to release tension in specific muscle groups that you are empathizing on. Number 2 they can help to simply stretch muscle tissue, so helping with flexibility. They can do each of these things simultaneously.

For instance lying on your back and arching it over the yoga wheel, helps release tensions from specific muscles in the back, while opening up and stretching out abdominal muscles.

Yoga Bolster:

Another popular prop that many yoga enthusiast use are called bolsters. They are seen heavily in more restorative types of yoga approaches.

These are much more firm then just your average pillow and really allow excess support, helping different hard to work areas of the body to open up or softening pressure on specific muscles and joints. Different companies offer different selections of bolsters.

It's important that you do you research, making sure to invest in one that is the proper size, durability, even with the ability to be washed. You will typically find these in varying shapes, including circular, rectangular, or square with varying depths and thicknesses.

This is another yoga prop that you need to add to the collection!

Yoga Straps:

Yoga Straps are another yoga prop that can be used in a wide array of maneuvers and yoga practices.

I personally find them great for beginners because they can make it possible for them to perform some positions better due to a lack of range of motion.

Like other props we've discussed, yoga straps can help with support, flexibility, but also with body alignment.


We hope some for the information, and videos provided give you a better understanding of some of the basic yoga props out there. Some of them may be right for you at this point in your yoga routines, however some of them may be something to pursue in the future. We hope you take the time to research many of the yoga props out there and make sure to pick ones that best suit your individual needs.

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