5-Minute Morning Meditation to Get you Off to the Right Start!

5 minute morning meditation routine

In today’s world, everyone is always on the move, every minute is “go, go, go” because we feel there is so much to achieve everyday. There simply seems to never be enough time in a day to get everything done, and this in it of itself, can be stressful.

Many of our "normal days" start off the same, we're jumping out of bed, checking emails or our social media handles, responding to everything that occurred while you were sleeping, which somehow always becomes more then what you would think, right!

Maybe not all of us start our days like that, in another scenario, you may get out of bed and go through what is known as a more "normal" routine. You start brushing your teeth, shower, you make your breakfast, eat, and then just like that, you are off!

Many of us have either one or both of these scenarios as our daily routine, and we are so preoccupied with it, that we forget to actually spend 5-minutes every morning to focus on what is more important above all, and that is "ourselves", our own physical, mental, emotional and in some individuals, spiritual self. Right? 

It's taking a moment to think about what we can do today to make ourselves feel better, that's what we need to focus more on! We are so busy juggling all life has to throw at us, we forget that at the end of the day, we have to take care of "us". 

How much time do you really dedicate for your mental health or physical health for that matter?

Well, that's where this post comes into play. Through meditation, specifically a daily routine, you can do a lot for yourself, and truly set a positive mood from the start. This positivity may just be able to carry on throughout your day!

Many of you, as you read this post, may think the practice of meditation only applies to certain individuals, most often-times because of where it originated from, or who is being targeting. 

Much of your hesitation, may simply be do to lack of knowledge about the practice, much like ours was, when we first started our own sessions. 

With that being said, once we started researching about meditation and the potential benefits, we started to see trends in research, in the actual science behind the practice, or art of meditation.

Like anything, it's vital you have a handle on what you're getting yourself into, however that's where practices like guided meditation sessions come into play. Having an instructor, someone you can direct questions to and someone that can lead you through your first sessions is irreplaceable. 

Why Morning Meditation? Does It Matter?

The answer to this question will most likely vary, depending on who you talk to, but let's discuss some possible benefits of even a 5-minute morning meditation routine.

a. Stress Reducing/Anxiety Relief:

This is the big one, right! We have all heard the benefits of practices such as meditation, and yoga, or other forms that look to create a sense of self; this mind-body connection. As One Medical discusses, meditation, regardless the form, lends itself to allowing you to create time for yourself. Researchers often equate stress reduction as related to the ability of meditation to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest & recovery system). This system is associated with physiological changes, like slowing the heart rate, slowing breathing, lowering blood pressure, and even improving blood flow. 

b. Positivity:

Positivity, what a great way to start and let consume your day. Even studies, like this one, revealed that beginner meditators and ones who meditate often, showed increased signs of happiness. Meditation has a way of helping to increase confidence, as well as self-esteem among practitioners. 

Look at this 5-minute morning meditation routine as a way to "set the tone", if you will, for the rest of your day!

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c. Increasing Awareness

Awareness can mean different things to different people. Headspace.com discusses morning meditations ability to "gently release grogginess". Morning meditation may help to become more fully aware and fully awake, ready for whatever the day has to throw our way. Meditation is a practice that is fielded around being non-judgmental of your own thought's, so waking up to this process on a regular routine, may lend itself to being kinder to not only ourselves, but others. 

Rooting morning meditation in our own lives then can begin to become common practice, almost like getting up and brushing our teeth. The more common it becomes, the more in touch with ourselves we become, potentially making it even easier to deal with stressful situations as they arise. By having the ability to focus on our breathing, personal mantra's or an object during meditation, helps to keep us grounded and refocus our "jumping" mind. Rather then go from one thought to the other, we can better focus or refocus on thoughts through the meditation practice. 

Check Out This Short 5-Minute Morning Mediation Routine Video

General Steps for a Daily Morning Meditation Routine:

Clear your Mind of any Intrusive Thoughts

One of the biggest challenges we face in today's world is not only clearing our minds of intrusive and negative thoughts, but turning those thoughts around into positivity and good vibes.

We all have struggles and challenges which can weigh us down, it could be your job, business, kids, bills, family and any other thing which has the possibility of disturbing your mind and making you feel overwhelmed.

clear your mind

One of the best concepts about meditation is that it can be done anywhere, and at any time, one of the best times, being in the morning. Once you're up and rolling, usually your energy level starts to rise, so why not take this time to build-up some positive and peaceful thoughts in your mind before your day even truly begins.

Deal with Stress, Anxiety or Depression

We believe that with just a 5-minute morning meditation routine, this can truly help to deal with anxiety, stress, maybe even pain, by relaxing the body and mind. You may be surprised at how powerful this is, but we all know our mind control the way we think and feel. Studies have suggested the ability of meditation to result in small to moderate reductions in psychological stress. 

Having this short morning meditation session can change the way your brain works for the rest of the day, it greatly influences how you deal with stress even with a jam-packed day. Hopefully this can be a way for you to feel more focused, relaxed, as well as become less stressed because of how you can train your mind through consistent daily meditation.

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In fact, one study suggested that meditation can influence or even change brain function. A study on mindfulness meditation suggested it may "improve affective responding through reduced amygdala (our threat detection control center of the brain) reactivity. 

Your Short 5-Minute Morning Meditation List

short morning meditation routine


The first thing you'll want to do is set your timer for five-minutes. Continue to follow through with this short meditation session until your time is up!

Decision Time:

If you've gone through a few guided meditations sessions you may know the type of meditation that you wish to try or use. There is no one-size-fits-all to meditation. Whether you stick strictly to mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, body scan or even walking meditation, there is no absolute right answer. 

It's based on personal preference. We highly encourage you to divulge in a few guided meditation sessions with an instructor, if brand new. 

Another great option is a meditation app, many of these cost money, but they can be very rewarding and instructional. 


Next, whether you choose sit on a mat, blanket, sofa, lie down, or even use a chair – it's crucial to remain in a comfortable position. Lengthen your spine, roll your shoulders back, and release tension in your palms and the rest of your body. When you are comfortable, you can focus more on your sessions, without unneeded distraction


Make sure to inhale through your nose and breathe out slowly, focusing on releasing any type of tension you may have throughout your body and mind. Breathing will be a focus throughout your meditation session(s). There are many different forms of breathing.

If your mind wanders, make sure to re-center yourself with your breathing, use it as a tool to help you focus and refocus when need be! Use your breath to take you deeper into a meditative state. 

Be Positive & Non-Judgmental:

As you start experiencing this positive energy, let it navigate through your your lungs (as you breath) and your entire body (from your head to your toes) – be non-judgmental of your thoughts as you recognize them. 

think positively

When you use the power of visualization about situation(s), it can greatly influence how you handle and achieve certain tasks.

Use positive affirmations throughout your session. Examples include, "I love myself", "I appreciate the people around me", "I am going to have a wonderful day", "Life is amazing", "I will have a productive day". 

Come Out (timer goes off):

Bring your hands together in a pray position in front of your chest. Open your eyes. 


Final Thoughts!

Whether you follow your own set of affirmations, use mantra's, center yourself with the use of breath or mala beads, everyone practices meditation differently. We encourage you to take a small part, 5 minutes, out of your morning to help center yourself, and build yourself up before the day even beings. 

Work on yourself, learn how to love yourself, realize that you are important, and that you have much to offer yourself, and others

Today is going to be a really amazing day and thank you for doing this 5-minute meditation with us, have a beautiful day!


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