Stay Home and Enjoy Fun, Backyard Activities for the Kids

fun backyard activities for the kids

If you're looking for fun and creative ways to keep your kids occupied, but you are having trouble coming up with ideas, you've come to the right place! If you have an available backyard and are looking for the perfect way to keep the kids occupied and entertained, backyard activities are an excellent choice.

Many of these activities and games can be played with ordinary items that are typically found around the house and can be fun for adults also, just as much as kids. Here are a few options if you're looking for some backyard-fun this summer.


1. Finger Painting

outdoor or backyard finger painting for the kids

Finger painting is a fun backyard activity for kids that will help stimulate creativity and allow them to have a good time. The backyard is a perfect place for this outdoor activity because you can contain the mess that is bound to happen.

Finger painting is an excellent way for kids to experiment and play around with art, and the supplies are generally pretty cheap to purchase.


2. Nature Scavenger Hunt

backyard nature scavenger hunt for the kids

Another way to instigate some backyard fun for the kids is to send them on a nature scavenger hunt. Getting the kids out in the yard to explore nature and find simple things such as tree leaves, dandelions, harmless little bugs, and a four-leaf clover can be a nice way to spend some time outdoors.

Another added benefit of this activity is that you can focus on a specific type of plant or bug to make it educational. For example, if you have a lot of different trees in your yard, you could have the kids collect different tree leaves to learn different foliage types.


3. Frisbee Golf

backyard frisbee golf for the kids

Another fun and relatively inexpensive activity for kids to enjoy in the backyard is frisbee golf. All you need is a simple Frisbee and an old laundry basket, and you have all the ingredients for a fun backyard activity that will keep kids occupied for hours.

Simply set the basket up somewhere in the yard and designate a starting position, perhaps with a hula hoop, where they will toss the Frisbee from. Both the basket and the hula hoop can be moved around to different positions to create an infinite variety of different courses. The only real limitation is creativity and yard size.


4. Bubbles

outdoor bubbles

Bubbles are an inexpensive and fun activity for kids that's perfect for the backyard. You can choose to go buy a pre-made bubble solution. We're optionally you can make your own bubble mixture using dish soap and utilizing a pipe cleaner as the bubble wand.

No matter which way you decide to go, bubbles are a fun backyard activity for kids.


5. Bean Bag Toss

kids backyard bean bag toss

Another fun activity that your kids can do in the backyard is the bean bag toss. Once again, there are commercial options available, and you can purchase kits that will have all the supplies you need. But, if you need an outdoor activity in a hurry but don't want to make a run to the store, you can use the laundry baskets from the frisbee golf idea and fashion a makeshift bean bag out of old socks. This is a fun outdoor activity that is bound to be a kid-pleaser.

Finial Thoughts!

There is nothing cheaper, more convenient, or easier then utilizing your own space (in this case your backyard), to have some family fun. These are simple, yet time approved activities that anyone with a yard can do with there kids.

Have more fun, backyard activities for the kids, please share them in the comments section of our blog!

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