Good Morning Yoga! Here is a Quick 15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine! 

good morning yoga

Practicing yoga in the morning is a healthy habit to get prana back into circulation and consequently activate mind and body. This energizing yoga class is just for you as you struggle to get going again in the morning. After all, the first hours are some of the best to get on the yoga mat, clarify your ideas and activate your body. 

It's common for most, from the time they awake, to be in a hurry. You get up and already are assailed by a thousand commitments: you don't even have time to turn off the alarm clock as the hands run inexorably. Allow yourself to wake up with a 15-minute morning yoga routine in the morning when you don't have much time, but still want to activate the body in its entirety.

15-minute morning yoga routine

A Yoga Class In The Morning May Turn Your Day Around!

A 15-minute morning yoga routine gets your blood pumping and your muscles activated. Morning exercise in itself is a great way to boost energy and reduce fatigue. It may also help keep you energized more throughout your day. 

A good morning workout may also lend itself to decrease your stress levels. We know that exercising causes the release of endorphins, also known as "feel good hormones". Not only will your energy levels be up, you may start the day much more relaxed and focused!

While you may at first feel resistant to the initial morning routine, you body will adapt and reap the benefits from a solid 15 minute morning yoga routine. 

According to Ayurveda, the hours that go from sunrise to 10 in the morning are a kapha moment, ideal for moving and exercising: 10 to 15 minutes yoga routine is enough but if you want and time for something more you can devote yourself to a complete energizing yoga class

A 15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine For Beginners

Below you will find 5-easy postures for an effective 15-minute morning yoga routine!

If you are a beginner and you don’t feel like performing a Sun Salutation or get into a vinayasa flow, rely on these yoga asanas for a 15 minute morning yoga routine to get ready to rock your day!

Back stretch and side stretches 

Execution: In a standing posture, inhale with your arms straight up and lean back slightly to feel the stretch of your whole body. Exhale and slide one hand along the side of your body with the other hand still raised. Let your head and neck relax, feeling a further stretch in the ribs and the side of the body. Inhale slowly moving up-towards the center and exhale towards the opposite side. 

Repeat these easy stretches 5 times for each side.

Standing Forward fold

yoga forward bend or fold 

Execution: In a standing posture, inhale deeply and while exhaling, completely bend forward. Let your knees bend and try to bring your chest towards your thighs. Relax your neck and let your head hang down heavily. You will feel this stretch in both your lower spine and in your legs. This position allows fresh blood to flow easily to the brain. 

Stay in this position for 10 breaths. You can keep your hands on your hips or on the floor. Your choice! 

Tree pose

tree pose yoga 

Execution: Find your center and feel rooted and anchored to the floor.  Put your hands on your hips or at heart level. Inhale to bring one foot upwards, placing it on the calf or thigh. Feel a connection between your foundation leg and toes and the one you are going to place on the calf or on your thigh. Exhale. Always keep your torso muscles active, and if you have reached a balanced state, extend your arms towards the sky. 

Stay in this position for 5 breaths. If you don’t feel ready for this balancing posture, you can use a chair or a wall for support. The most important thing is performing this asana from a place of presence in the moment and with a elongated spine. 

Cat and Cow Sequence

cat yoga pose

cow yoga pose 

Execution: This is a very easy to perform sequence to warm up your spine, and stretch! Get yourself on the ground, resting on your hands and knees on all fours. Inhale in the position of the cow (head and tailbone rise, belly goes down, chest extends forward). Exhale in the position of the cat (arches the backup, bring your chin to your chest, raise your navel towards your spine). 

Continue for 2-3 minutes, moving slowly at first and increasing your speed as you gain flexibility. Don’t consider these postures as two separated asanas but as a flow of movements. Go with it!

Downward Facing Dog

Execution: This inversion is a yoga foundational pose of many flows, but also a great posture for a 15-minute morning yoga routine to rock your day with energy and focus. With your toes planted firmly on the ground, raise your tailbone upward. Bring your head down and push on your hands to stretch your back. Bring your navel towards your spine and press your heels towards the ground. Take 5 deep breaths while in this position, closing your eyes if you feel comfortable enough to do so!

There you have it! This 15-minute morning yoga routine is a perfect morning-day-booster to help you wake up, and get ready to live with a strong body and a relaxed focused mind!

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