Hot Yoga Class For Beginners: Expectations For My First Hot Yoga Class

my firt hot yoga class, what to expect 

Do you want to relax and tone your muscles, burning a lot of calories, but without having to jump and run? Then you absolutely must try a Hot yoga class! But if you don’t know what to expect from a Hot yoga class, read this article and you will be ready to practice with the right approach!

A Hot yoga class owes its best known name to the fact that it is practiced in a very, very hot environment: about 40 ° and with a very high humidity. Does this sound like torture to you? You will be amazed to know that, on the other hand, hot yoga is an extremely relaxing activity that helps recharge your mind and body. This temperature, in fact, protects the muscles and allows for deeper stretching, avoiding trauma. Furthermore, the heat raises the heart rate, improving cardiovascular exercise, making the body more flexible. In fact, it helps improve endurance and, by softening the collagen around the joints, increases freedom of movement.

The practice of Hot yoga class for beginners, in addition to working the muscles, also touches the deeper tissues of our body, such as the glands and internal organs. Thanks to sweating, the body releases toxins and purifies itself naturally. The main benefits of the practice of Hot Yoga for beginners are:

    Increases muscle flexibility
    Promotes the purification of the body
    Makes the skin radiant and radiant
    Helps to lose weight
    Improve heart health
    Promotes the reduction of arterial hypertension and cardiac well-being
    Increase self and body awareness
    Improves the mood

An essential condition, however, to practice hot yoga for beginners is to drink a lot of water both before and after class to restore the liquids and mineral salts lost with abundant sweating. A Bikram Yoga workout lasts 90 minutes in total and consists of a fixed sequence of 26 asanas (yoga poses) plus two breathing exercises. Each position to be assumed has been designed to put the body into play in a complete way, each asana, in fact, works on individual muscle groups. Some by strengthening and sculpting them, others by lengthening them. At the end of the hot yoga for beginners session all the muscles will have worked, you will feel more flexible and your mind will be freer and recharged. Not bad, huh?

What does a Hot yoga class for beginners consist of?

Having experienced first-hand the benefits of Yoga, and having studied the subject for a long time, Bikram Choudhury has established a sequence of positions particularly beneficial for him to be performed in a very hot room, with a temperature between 35 and 42 degrees. The Asanas are interspersed with precise breathing techniques typical of Pranayama.

More precisely, it begins with an abdominal breathing exercise and then proceeds with the Asana sequence which initially involves standing positions. Then we move on to those on the ground, to strengthen the spine and back muscles, and continue with the remaining positions based on various bending and bending.

Every single Asana performed affects a specific area of the body, in order to make all the muscles work, and at the end of the lesson you will feel the body and mind purified and positively recharged.

Surely, we are talking about a very particular Yoga variant for those who are not used to it, but for this reason it is among the most stimulating and useful that exist.

During the Hot Yoga class, which can last a maximum of 90 minutes, in addition to the muscles, the internal organs and glands are also stimulated.
The body releases toxins, which through sweating emphasized by high temperatures are eliminated from the body itself.

The hyper heated environment also allows the practitioner to perform flexions and twists in complete safety, thus facilitating stretching. Those who are just starting out may not be particularly flexible yet, but that's not important: as in all things, you need time, patience and lots of training. Flexibility will increase considerably with constancy, and all the   related to the practice will not be long in coming.

Hot Yoga: some tips for practicing it

First of all, considering the high temperatures in the room, it is of fundamental importance to drink lots of water before and after the Hot Yoga class. So, always carry a bottle of still water with you, as well as obviously some towels since you will certainly sweat a lot.
In this regard, clothing is also very important: dress as comfortably as possible, within the limits of good taste but considering the 40 degrees of the room. Prefer light clothing, possibly made with breathable fabrics. Practice the discipline with perseverance and patience, but do not expect miracles from one day to the next: the results will only come with time.


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