Reducing Stress the Old Fashion Way - Part VI: How to Organize your Kitchen Drawers

how to organize your kitchen drawers

With the amount of time that people spend in there kitchen it's imperative that they maintain organization, function and flow. Every individual and family is different in ways they want there kitchen organized. One of the easiest ways to reduce your anxiety when it comes to having a clean and organized kitchen is by putting a little thought behind how to best utilize and organize your kitchen drawers.

If you read our post on how to organize your kitchen cabinets and pantry, you'll know that there are a lot of tricks, but also a lot of basic thought processes to generating an organized, cohesive look and feel. So in this post we are going to discuss how to organize your kitchen drawers as well as share some of the coolest and newest gadgets that may just help you flow through your spot even easier. 

Fun Gadgets! & Tips on How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

Large Drawers:

So for large drawers you can easily place dividers. These dividers can separate things like cutlery, silverware, utensils, measuring cups from one another. Make sure you are utilizing the space in a way that best works for you as far as commonly used items. One of the better tutorials or example videos on how to organize your kitchen drawers can be seen below in the video. She gives some really cool ways of organizing different kinds of drawers; deep, shallow, wide and narrow.

Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Always Better 'Out of Sight':

Always best to keep that trashcan tucked away. This idea has been around for years, but one way of making your kitchen look cleaner and more sleek is tucking away bulky items, specially your trash, right? There are tons of different types of pull out drawers nowadays to house you trashcan.

out of sight in the kitchen

For the Tech Guy/Gail:

This is a really cool way to to hide-away all of your charging cords that I'm sure, like myself, are not only laying all over your bedroom, but your kitchen as well. I can't tell you how much I hate the fact that I have cords in the kitchen, but the truth is people spend a lot of time here, so it almost becomes a necessity. Enter the charging drawer station!

Now this is something you may have to higher a trained professional to install, but if you're handy it certainly can be done without one. This in simplest terms completely de-clutters your kitchen counter mess of unsightly charging cords, all tucked away in this compact kitchen drawer along with being a safe place to house your phone, IPad, and smartwatches while they re-juice. How to organize your kitchen drawers just got a whole lot cooler!

Kitchen charging drawer

Plate/Tupperware/Lid Drawer Organizer:

This next idea is one that allows you to store plates, lids, Tupperware in a neat and orderly way. How often do you have to rummage though your Tupperware, and lids to find that matching set? How often are they falling out of your cabinets onto the floor or maybe even your head? Tupperware is one of the most difficult things to keep organized in any kitchen for the majority of people. Well have no fear, like many problems, there is usually a crafty or gadgetry solution out-there and this one does not disappoint.

Now there are a few ways to do this and a few different variations out there. My favorite is the Rev-A-Shelf food Storage Organizer. So basically there is a Peg board design on the bottom or floor of the drawer that can help keep plates, or Tupperware organized in their different variations of sizes, and along the top-side of the drawer are adjustable metal rods that can house lids or small plates.

Keep in mind you can also use the peg design for other kitchen items like Pots & Pan's! Think outside the box when you can for sure!

how to organize your kitchen drawrs with a lid organizers

"Spice up" your Life:

Probably my personal favorite way to organize my kitchen drawers is with a spice organizer drawer. Not only are they super cool, a way to keep your spices very organized and a space saver, but they are affordable which is probably why they are one of my favorites for my kitchen drawers. Do a quick search for kitchen drawer spice organizers or spice drawer inserts on Amazon and there you go. They range in material from plastics to wood, 2 tier all the way to as many has 6 tier, I've seen. Some of the spice drawer organizer inserts even include containers for your spices for a more cohesive look.

*Keep in mind that this is a drawer that can get somewhat heavy so make sure your drawer can support the weight*

spice rack for kitchen drawer organization

organize your kitchen drawrrs for less stress

As we continue down this journey on how to organize your kitchen drawers, keep in mind many of the items discussed here are in the form of drawer inserts. They are pre-assembled, you just have to make sure they will fit the size of your kitchen drawer!

Take Cover:

Another great idea that I don't see very often, is a bread drawer kit. Like other inserts, this is a kit designed to be used in a kitchen drawer. They also range in sizes and depths, some of them small and others large depending on the size of your drawer, so get out that measuring tape that's been collecting dust and see how your can better arrange your kitchen drawers to ease up this area of your home!

bread drawer kit

Paper Towel Hide-Away:

This next idea is just that, a way to get those bulky paper towels off of the kitchen counter and placed out of site. I find personally the less clutter on the counters, makes the kitchen feel larger and more open. This also is a way to open up more space for prepping among other things. This a project that you can either DIY or higher a professional to do a little customization to your current drawer.

I found this idea to be pretty interesting, he turns a fake kitchen drawer into a paper towel cubby!

paper towel drawer hide a way

Well that caps off this post on how to organize your kitchen drawers with cool gadgets and ideas, and like always we here at RN to Zen appreciate you coming by our site and hopefully learning some ways of living a more stress-free life. As we continue on our journey with ways to organize your life to decrease stress, in the next part of our series we focus on how to organize your garage. Feel free to follow along or share our posts on social media.

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