Reducing Stress the Old Fashion Way - Part X: How to Organize your Work or Office Desk

organize your office desk easily

How to organize your work desk, should only come after you have defined your work or office space. So this topic is all about convenience. Can you find what you need, when you need it? At work, we all have enough to worry about already. The daily grind of a 9-5, and let's face it many of us work much longer days then that. You have to continue to find ways to de-stress and make your life easier. One of the ways your work day will flow much better and effectively is with an organized work or office desk. So in this post we will focus in on how to organize your office or work desk with some simple, but effective tips.

Tip #1: Routine Clean:

So don't go and do a full blown top to bottom clean everyday, do a daily wipe down of your desk. Just sitting at a clean desk everyday without dust and old eraser tracings feels better! This should max take up two-minutes of your morning. After you take a couple swigs of coffee and after you put that phone on the charger, do a real simple, quick clean of the top of your desk.

How to organize your work desk

Tip #2: Papers, Papers, Papers:

Every morning, sort through any new and old papers you have laying around. Make sure they have a place to reside. Incoming mail, outgoing mail, need to be filed, need to be scanned, priorities, work related, non-work related. This is an ongoing process, but if you do these things daily you will become faster and faster until eventually you actually gain extra time for your-self because everything is getting done so quickly and easily.

throw away old papers

Tip #3: Digital Organization:

This tip is all about your PC, we all have them and over time you may not even be able to see your desktop background. Don't neglect your computer organization, this includes emails as well. Being able to easily locate a file or an email that your boss needs or that you have stored on your computer for a presentation will instantly relieve unneeded stress and will help you become a more proficient person in general when it comes to work. You have to get a feel for what works for you. I personally use Google Docs for a lot of information that I save on the computer and place relevant documents in categories. It is super easy to use and keeps things organized nicely and you don't have to worry about losing a flash drive along the way.

organize emails

Tip #4: Wrap Em' Up:

One of the best ways to organize your office or work desk is with simply wrapping up cables. This tip is not just for your home office, but can be used at the job as well. Simple cable ties can do the trick and keep cable craziness at bay.

organize cables at work desk

Tip 5: Everything has a Place:

When discussing desk organization, there must be a designated place for everything, otherwise things can become cluttered quickly because of the usual small space you have to work with. Yes, things can be arranged from time to time to see what works best, but in general things should be in a designated space on your desk. I for one am someone who would rather have things tucked away in drawers, or files, even a pegboard or pin board to save space on my desk. You could also think about:

  1. Tray/Bins: Have a few bins, one for incoming work that needs to be completed and one for projects that are finished.
  2. Prioritize tasks: Make a pile of the most important things to be done vs. less important tasks and organize them by dates.
  3. Your Electronics can be designated for a certain drawer or area on your desk.
  4. Try a desk organizer, this is actually something you can easily DIY and have multiple organizers, each housing different materials or items.

Tip 6: Old School Calendar/Planners:

So I get it, in the digital age everyone is keeping schedules on there phones and IPad's, written forms of "to do" lists are becoming a thing of the past. However, there is something to be said about having that oversized calendar, just one glance down at your desk, that makes things so easy and convenient. Daily planners are also great, these days because there are so many different types of planners out there, you can literally customize your own planners these days to fit exactly what you need for your daily life. They have gotten much more modernized these days. I think keeping a physical calendar and/or daily planer on or in your office desk is a must, even today.

how to organize your work office desk

Tip 7: Divide and Conquer:

The Next tip in how to organize your office or work desk is with drawer dividers. These simple and cheap accessories make it extremely simple and convenient to sort things together. Even with limited space you can sort one drawer in several using drawer dividers. There are also ways to make your own desk caddies to make it unique to your needs, so if you're the crafty type this may be a cool project for you.

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