Reducing Stress the Old Fashion Way - Part II: How to Organize your Room

how to organize and declutter your bedroom to decrease stress

One of the best, but in my opinion, overlooked ways to begin to de-clutter and reorganize your life to help reduce stress is with your bedroom. There are many tips and tricks out there on how to organize your room, but we are going to share with you some of our own ideas. The main thing here is to keep it simple. In my opinion, being able to reduce stress in an area of your house you spend so much time in, is a very crucial part of the process. You can then build off of this, to start and organize other parts of your house and become even more specific as to how you want things to flow in your life. Personally, whenever I have more order and flow to the spaces in my life, it leads to more organized thoughts, and a sense of calmness that's just more difficult to get to otherwise.

Bedroom organization

Okay so Let's Get Down and Dirty (or clean) with these Tips on How to Organize your Bedroom:

Throw Things Away:

Don't let things get to complicated here. If you have not used something in a few years, chances are you don't need it or them anymore, including old bills, statements, etc. This is an easy fix. It requires 2 things. A trashcan and a shredder (if they are personal documents, of course!). This is the easiest way to reduce clutter in your room. I focus on this every six months, going through any old papers I have laying around, or even anything I haven't used in quite some time and toss it or sell it if it's something that can bring some value to someone else. The best places to keep trash cans, would be under a desk (if you have one in your room), next to a night stand, maybe a small nook or in the corner of the room. You can even buy really small trashcans, that you can almost hide anywhere.

trash can

He Shoots, He Scores (Or She)....Into the Hamper that is: 

Please tell me you are utilizing some sort of hamper or bin to put dirty clothes in. There is nothing worse then having clothes laying all around your floor(s), eventually not being able to tell whats dirty or not. Invest in a hamper, they are cheap, there is a huge variety of them, and you can even find cool designer ones these days, that adds a little something extra to the room. Heck you can even DIY them as well. Check these handmade rope baskets out that give your an instant hamper!

Hamperfor dirty clothes

Gadget Organizers:

It's like you can literally find anything you are looking for these days online. Out on the market now, are a variety of cool organizers you can hang from your bed, desk, or even your dresser. These organizers can house things like your remote control, glasses, IPad, your phone, etc. Just get creative and you can find a great way to utilize these fun bedroom accessories to de-clutter your room. You can even make these organizers if you're a crafty type person. They range from all different sorts of fabrics, and designs for you to find exactly what you need. Check out these DIY bedside organizers.

bed organizer

Float It:

What do I mean by this? I mean floating shelves! Floating shelves are a great way to de-clutter and organize your bedroom, because instead of adding more furniture pieces that ultimately take up space, you can easily add these shelves on your wall to store more of your stuff. Plus, these are super simple, and easier then ever to do by yourself. You can find practically any length you need as well as corner shelves, which I find great for pictures, small plants, knickknack's, even your alarm clock. If you're truly looking for a way to de-clutter your bedroom or any other room in your house these are a must to try. (Image below is a fairly unique and intricate floating shelf, you may want to start off with a more basic flat-shelf if you're totally new to this).

floating shelf

Furniture Storage:

I love this idea, personally. There are many different pieces of furniture, most notably a bed-frame, ottoman or seating that offers storage below them or within. Certain bed frames have built-in storage (which acts as a dresser) to store clothes. This is a great way to store winter or summer clothes in the off-season rather then take up space in your closet, and because they are built-in you don't need additional furniture pieces for storage, or need to move your clothes far to do so. Ottomans and seating are great for your extra throw pillows you may have on your bed, or extra blankets you keep in the room just in case, for a cold night. 

furniture storage for your room

Perception is Reality:

Sometimes it's just the little things you can do, even if you have a lot of furniture or belongings that have no where else to go. Here are some ideas to make things look a little more organized, and less cluttered:

  • Color Code/Have a Plan: This involves a little bit of thought. For instance your closet. Making sure to hang all of your suits in one place, t-shits in another, sweaters and long sleeve shirts in another area. You can even try to color code them if you have enough clothes, of course. You will surely be the only one that sees this (in most cases), but boy does it make a difference and make getting ready in the morning or for an event far less stressful. Sometimes its about perception, you may have a ton of clothes and a lot of options, however with this type of system, your room will flow a lot nicer.
  • Shoe Organizer: This goes the same for shoes. You don't necessarily have to color code them, but what about buying or even making a shoe organizer that actually fits inside your closet, instead of on the back of your door. Again this will depend on the size of you closet, but even a small shoe organizer can go along way if you have 3-4 levels.
  • Clear off the Top(s): Another way to de-clutter your room and ultimately organize your bedroom is by limiting the amount of belongings you have on top of your dressers, night stands, and other surfaces in your room.
  • Roll It/Fold It/Hang It: This goes along way. Roll it, simply implies to things that can be rolled up that still look good, and saves space. Towels are great for this. You can roll up towels instead of folding them or hanging them on the back of your door that not only looks amazing, but saves a ton of space. You can find all sorts of organizers for towels, take a peek on Etsy, there are handmade towel organizers that are amazing, cheap, and one of a kind. Of course, not all things can be rolled, so if it needs to be folded, then fold it. There is nothing that adds to more clutter in your bedroom then clothes laying everywhere. Lastly, hang it. Some clothes are just not meant to be folded. Plus, when you take these pieces of clothing out of a drawer that shouldn't have been in a drawer, what do you now have to do? Iron them! Blah! Put things in there proper place and organization can surely lead to less stress in your life.

rolled towels for storage

Good ol' Fashion, but Modernized, Peg Boards:

These are amazing. Not only can they be great for organizing your bedroom, but they are really cool looking and stylish. You can buy different sized pegs, or peg boards that serve a multiple of purposes. You can use hooks or actual pegs to help organize your things. This adds a really cool, clean, and customized look to your room. Use them in any room in your house and they can serve a different purpose. Not just for the garage anymore!

organizing peg board

Multi-Purpose your Things in 2020:

This is the concept of turning or using your existing furniture pieces and accessories in more ways then one. For instance, you can use an existing book shelf, for other accessories like; knickknack's, as a TV stand (if big enough), for baskets or other pieces of decor you may own. Even a small jewelry box or other cute pieces you own that didn't have a place before, make it sing now. Turn a basket or linen bag you had into storage for throw pillows or blankets. Take an old ladder storage shelf that you may have used for knickknack's or other decor and use it for your shoes, you would be surprised how many pairs you can get onto it. There are even ways to DIY an old mirror and turn it into a storage piece for jewelry which you could then mount on your wall and use it in a multitude of ways.

repurpose items for organiztion

Welp that's it, again we here at RN to Zen, appreciate you stopping buy and hope you have walked away with some cool ways of organizing your bedroom. Remember, there are tons of ways to reduce stress in your life and using organization as a tool, can help you reduce it. Stay tuned for Part III in this series, as we look at other ways that organization can reduce stress in your life.

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