Reducing Stress the Old Fashion Way - Part 12: How to Organize your Jewelry

Talk about stress relief, how often do you look at your jewelry area and immediately start getting anxious from the clutter. I think about jewelry almost the same way I do about cables and cords all wrapped around one another. Missing earrings, missing backings, and knots certainly leads to nothing but frustration!

Well hopefully, you have come here to learn some ways of organizing your jewelry once and for all. Imagine actually going out for a change and wearing the necklace or earrings that you actually want to wear, because now you can find them.

Hnaging Jewelry Organizer

So follow along as we learn together, how to organize your jewelry, as well as some really cool and creative storage ideas for your necklaces, bracelet's and earrings!

Tip 1: Clear the Clutter:

So pretty self explanatory here, this is the part where you proceed to move forward with this seemingly impossible task and you actually go through all of your pieces one-by-one. Like many other organizational tasks, it's hard to visualize the end product or even how to get there without knowing exactly what you have and don't have. So buckle up and start from scratch!

Tip 2: It's Time to Say Goodbye:

So part of this process is being honest with yourself; what earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other items do you actually want or still wear, and which ones are pieces of the past. Do you have old jewelry that you want to bring back to life with a simple polish? Do you have jewelry that's broken and needs repaired? Are you missing pieces, matches, backings, or are some pieces just out of style for your look?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself when trying to decide what to keep and what to discard.

(Remember there are always places to donate jewelry as well so you're not simply tossing it to the way-side.)

Tip 3: This With That:

It's time to short out each piece. There are probably many ways of sorting and categorizing your jewelry that makes sense to you. Do you categorize by type of jewelry, matching sets, or even occasions? That's really for you to decide based on what you have and your style. However, what we can do is give you a place to start, and maybe some cool ideas that may make this process a little easier and more interesting.

There are many projects you can DIY and many different options once you've chosen how you want to organize your jewelry, that you can simple look for at a local store and put together fairly quickly. Below we'll talk about some of these DIY's as well as other more traditional methods.

Here are some Tactics on How to Organize your Jewelry on a Countertop or Dresser:

a. The Egg Carton Hack:

An egg carton for jewelry? This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and you can make it actually look really cool. The best part about it, you are just re-purposing something you already have, so it saves money at the same time.

Egg Carton Jewelry Organizer

* Great Video of DIY Ideas for Jewelry Organization Below *

b. Stack-able Jewelry Trays:

The great thing about jewelry trays is that there are tons of styles that come in all sorts of designs and materials, including glass, metal, completely fabric lined, and even acrylic to suit your needs. You can take advantage of vertical spacing to stack multiple trays depending on your needs. If this is the route you choose to take, make sure you check out some trays that include inserts or dividers that way you can keep earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other items separated.

If you're the crafty type you can also make these trays yourself and create a DIY project with your own customizable look and feel. The idea here is to save you space, be practical, but to also give your room a trendy and unique look, and this is certainly attainable with the options out there to choose from. Similarly you could choose inexpensive plastics bins (that sit rather nicely on your countertop) that have pull out drawers to separate your items at any local Target or Walmart if DIY is not your thing.

c. Jewelry Box:

So clearly this is not a new thing, most women I'm sure at one point in your lives have had a jewelry box. Don't let this steer you away, even though this is an old method, it is a rock solid one as well, and there are more choices then ever for these jewelry storage devices. Take one look on ETSY and you are sure to find one of a kind handcrafted jewelry boxes, made from anything from wood to entirely made of fabrics.

how to organize your jewelry

Fabric Jewelry Box

d. Jewelry Stands/Tiers/Tree:

Again these types of stands help make use of vertical space. Check out an example of this multiple-tier jewelry stand below. A recommendation for these stands is to find one that also doubles, with an additional drawer attached, which makes it easier to store earrings and other small pieces that may not hang as easily or simply look better, less cluttered tucked away.

Jewelry Tier Stand

Here are some Tactics on How to Organize your Jewelry Inside your Dresser Drawers

a. Drawer Jewelry Organization:

If you have the space, I believe this is the best way to organize your Jewelry. It's out of site and makes your room look less cluttered and more streamlined. The options for drawer organizers are great because they are versatile, with some being expandable, stack-able and you can create a combination of different containers to house whatever pieces of jewelry you have.

Modular designs allow you to be creative with you organizational tactics. Check out some of these inexpensive and easy ideas at work!

* Video on Customizing your Jewelry Drawer *

Jewelry drawer organizer

Jewelry drawer organizer

Here are some Tactics on How to Organize your Jewelry with Hanging Jewelry Holders

a. Hang with Pockets:

These hangers are great for smaller more confined spaces. They typically hang on the your door, a closet hanger or can hang from some sort of rod mounted on your wall, and they tend to hold a lot of pieces. I find these work very well with smaller items of jewelry and typically I prefer ones in which have the see-through pockets, making it easier to see whats inside each pocket.

clear hanging jewelry organizer

see through hanging jewelry organizer

b. Closet Hangers:

Another great idea is making use of a wooden hanger. This is a simple DIY project (or you can purchase more complex designs) in which you can then screw in small hooks into the wood hanger. Necklaces and other longer pieces of jewelry fit perfectly, it can save a ton of space, and it's inexpensive.

DIY jewelry hanger earring holder

Hanger Jewelry organizer

c. Jewelry Wall Organizer:

Another simple DIY project is a wall organizer. You can simply purchase a strip of wood from your local home improvement store, give it few coats of paint or line with fabric and then mount this on your wall. After mounted it, attach some small screw-in hooks/or tacks of some sort, and you have got yourself a versatile wall jewelry organizer.

d. Peg Board Jewelry Organizer/Cork Board:

Another creative way of organizing your jewelry (especially) longer necklaces is using pegboard or cork boards which you can find relatively inexpensive at most craft, home improvement or office supply stores. The other nice part about them is you can use different types of hooks or tacks and really make it quite eclectic and original. Nowadays they have all sorts of hooks and other items to spruce things up a bit from your old dated looking boards. 

Peg board jewelry organizer

e. Picture Framed Theme Jewelry Organizer:

Maybe. Just maybe, I've saved the best for last. You can do so much with this idea and get so creative. All you need is an empty picture frame (which is super easy to DIY) and a few other components and you'll have yourself a unique, custom, one of a kind hanging jewelry organizer. 

Using a wire mess type material makes for a super fast, simple way of completing this project, and all you need to do is use a commercial grade stapler and a wire cutter, to staple and cut it to the backside of your frame. Similarly you can do this with fabrics, string material and even a cork board to make for a fun project.

Picture frame hanging jewelry organizer

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