How to Use a Yoga Wheel for Beginners

what is and how to use a yoga wheel

People who are new to doing yoga, may not know or may have never even heard of yoga wheels prior to this post. Some newcomers have heard of them, but may have just begun to think about giving them a try. To help with this, we would like to present some information on how even beginners can start to use these valuable devices.

I do believe that having a basic understanding of yoga, and understanding your own abilities at this point are crucial before your decide to give a yoga wheel a try.

Keep reading and learn how to use a yoga wheel, even for beginners. We will do our best at helping you understand what a yoga wheel is and guiding you through the process of using one. Like anything, learning postures and positioning with a yoga wheel comes with practice and time.

Some individuals who may already practice yoga techniques may see faster results and have an easier time with the a yoga wheel at first because they indeed are more familiar with the craft in general and their bodies capabilities.

However, with time and patients, even beginners to the art of yoga can become avid users of them.

What Is a Yoga Wheel?

Before learning and engaging in the process of using the wheel itself, it's helpful at first to understand what a yoga wheel is. The yoga wheel is shaped like a circular ring, it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, but the goal of all of them is geared towards increasing emphasis on stretching, support and flexibility.

Like the foam roller, it can also help with releasing tension from the muscles. It is highly used for back stretching to make the back more flexible, and releasing tension, however it is not limited to just back maneuvers and postures, it can easily be used for different maneuvers, sometimes requiring you to be in a seated or standing position.

Multiple sizes of yoga wheels are available for purchasing to fit different sized individuals, and many want to accomplish different things as a result of using them. Some use yoga wheels for an array of yoga exercises, while other people use it for support only.

What Is the Best Yoga Wheel for Beginners?

Before buying any yoga supplies (yoga foam blocks, wheels, yoga mats, and/or yoga clothing), it's important to first do your research and understand what you are trying to accomplish. This is especially true if you are either a novice in the yoga game or you are new to using props like the yoga wheel.

Yoga experts recommend beginners start with smaller wheels that are easier to handle and use, and then gradually work there way up.

Large yoga wheels or full-sized yoga wheels provide the most amount of support, but these full-sized yoga wheels, I think tend to make things more challenging for beginners.

Beginners to yoga or even the wheel itself need to understand that they are going to be easing there way into becoming more flexible, and being able to curve or distort there bodies around the wheel. Large curves may simply be to challenging or just plan uncomfortable for beginners.

As far as what's out there, not only are there a multitude of sizes, but some are hollow vs. solid in structure, some yoga wheels support different weights, and many of them have different materials made from things like; cork, PVC or plastics.

So as you can see the best yoga wheel for beginners depends on a lot of variables.

tips for beginners for a yoga wheel

Tips to Using a Yoga Wheel:

  • Understand your body. Depending on the size and shape of your wheel, it's very easy as a beginner to lose your balance, so know your capabilities.
  • Sometimes it's best to practice basic yoga poses and postures before entering in the field of "props"
  • Educate yourself on yoga wheels and the variety of them that are out there (dimensions, material, support etc.)
  • Develop a routine and consistency. This is key to exercising in general so you don't hurt yourself. Gradually increase you abilities, stretches, & maneuvers
  • Attend a yoga class where yoga wheels are used. It's always best to hear instructions, see maneuvers carried out and then practice with instructors present.

Some Exercises for Beginners:

The following are some yoga exercises that you can perform with the yoga wheel for both beginners and more advanced yogies!

Spinal Stretch:

One of the most common uses of the yoga wheel for beginners is the spinal stretch. In this exercise, the practitioner places the wheel under the spine and rolls over it focusing on arching the back.

Plank Pose:

In this pose, the practitioner adopts the plank position by placing one foot on the wheel. The individual then lifts one leg and brings it towards his/her elbow.

Last Words:

Hopefully you have learned about the yoga wheel and how even a beginner can use one when the time is right. Remember that having the right knowledge is truly how you can stay safer when doing positions and maneuvers as a beginner.

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