Oatmeal Bath Bomb Recipe

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What a fun way to not only spruce up your bath experience, but to also benefit your skin! Oatmeal itself has been used in skin products for as long as we can remember. With benefits that include; cleansing the skin, an itch relief remedy, exfoliating treatment, to even being used in dry shampoo to soak up excess oils (HuffPost, 2017).

An Oatmeal Bath Bomb, coupled with can't miss essential oils could be your perfect answer to that long stressful work week. This recipe is sure to leave your skin silky smooth.

oatmeal bath bomb

Today we are going to provide you with an amazing homemade or DIY oatmeal bath bomb recipe. One that you can make yourself or purchase from us for an amazing bath experience. The great thing about DIY projects like this is that they don't have to be perfect!

This is suppose to be fun and relaxing, so if your bath bomb does not turn out perfect in shape, don't fret, it will still be a perfect way to unwind after your day! However, you can always find some common bath bomb failures here.

Let's talk about the ingredients & supplies you'll need:

diy oatmeal bath bomb

Ingredients & Equipment an Oatmeal Bath Bomb

a. Stainless Steel or Plastic 3oz - 3.5oz Bath Bomb Mold: Find on Amazon.com

Tip: We recommend using a rounded mold if you are new to this process of making bath bombs. Using more detailed molds, usually is associated with sticking, and as a beginner it may warrant unseeded frustration. You can even use a cupcake sheet if it's easy then using a two-part mold for you.

b. Mixing Bowls (3)

c. Measuring Cups

d. Measuring Spoons

e. Gloves

f. Mask/Eye ware

g. Baking Soda (fine) - 2 Cups

h. Citric Acid (fine grain) - 1 Cup (2 cups if you want extra fizz)

i. Corn Starch: 1/4 Cup (slows the chemical reaction, so your bath bomb lasts longer)

j. 1.5 oz. Colloidal Oatmeal

k. 2 oz. Shea Butter

l. 1 oz. Oat Extract

m. 0.5 oz. Vanilla Oatmeal Fragrance Oil (skin safe)

o. 1/2 Teaspoon Polysorbate 80

p. 1 Spray Bottle with  99% Isopropyl Alcohol & Water combination (50/50)

homemade oatmeal bath bomb

Step-By-Step Instructions for making an Oatmeal Bath Bomb!

Step 1

Take one of you mixing bowls and add your dry ingredients. This includes you baking soda, citric acid, corn starch and colloidal oatmeal. If you're using the finest grain of these ingredients, there should not be much need for a sifter, however it is an option.

You makyfind, depending on how the baking soda was stored, some clumping. If you take the mixer and rub it in between your hands a few times it should do the trick in getting those lumps out. We recommend you wear gloves whenever making bath bombs.

Step 2

In another mixing bowl or measuring device you can add your wet ingredients. Shea butter, you will first have to first melt in the microwave before adding to your dry ingredients.

Wet ingredients include your fragrance oil, oat extract, polysorbate 80 and shea butter that you melted. Mix with a spoon or even a pop-cycle stick. You can also add mica or dyes if you want some added color to the bath bomb. In this recipe, we did not add any colorant, they will simply be an off white color.

Step 3

Now, add your wet to your dry mixture and start to blend in your hands. You can also use a hand or stand mixture, but we like doing these recipes by hand for just a few bath bombs because it gives you a better feel for the texture and correct consistency.

Step 4

At this point the mixture may not be quite ready for molding just yet. This is where your spray bottle comes into play. Start with 3-5 sprays at a time. Add your sprays and immediately start to mix, if not your mixture may start to react from the water in the spray bottle, baking soda and citric acid reaction.

Step 5

If you have read our other blog posts about bath bombs or shower steamers, you will know that to make sure you have the right consistency, you can do the drop test. The drop test includs grabbing a handful of mixture, squeezing it together and then dropping it from about 8-10 inches above the bowl.

If it stays together your are ready to mold.

Step 6

So now that your mixture has the right wet to dry consistency, take one-half of your mold in your hand. You can optionally add some real oatmeal to the bottom of your mold first before adding mixture. It depends if you want them floating in your tub at the time of using your oatmeal bath bomb. It does give it a nice look, however.

Then take a big heaping scoop of your mixture. It should be overflowing the one-half of your mold. Lightly press on the top of the mixture. You don't have to pack hard since you will pressing the other side together with this side of the mold.

Step 7

Take the other mold half and do the same.

Step 8

Press the molds together, try not to twist to much, just a firm press. Press hard for a few seconds, then tap the top of the mold, in which you can use a wooden mixing spoon.

Step 9

The top piece should come off easily, but if not give it a few more taps.

Step 10

At this point the top half of the bath bomb is exposed and the bottom mold is still on. Try tapping the bottom half of the mold and then flip it over into your other hand.

It should come out nicely. Place it on a soft surface, like egg carton foam.

Tip: Some recipes call for bath bombs to stay in the mold for a few minutes, up to a few hours. If you have the right consistency you really shouldn't have to do this.

Step 11

Let dry 24-48 hours. Place in a warm bath slowly, letting in rest in the palm of your hand while you lower it into the water.

Step 12


Well that's it. That's how you make an oatmeal bath bomb. We hope you enjoyed our post and this recipe. Come back soon for more great bath products, tips and recipe. Have a great day and feel free to share our products, recipes and blog posts through your social media channels.

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