Explore These Relaxation Hobbies for Easing Anxiety

relaxation hobbies for easing anxiety

As we go about our daily lives, it can be incredibly easy to build tension, stress, and anxiety. Over time, these problems can build-up, which can lead to issues both physically and mentally. As many of you know, stress comes in many different forms and is different for each and every one of us

If you want to fight the effects of anxiety and tension, getting involved in physical exercise, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and even eating a more healthy diet, are just a few ways to combat these challenging problems. The American Institute of Stress even offers a the "Stress to Joy Program" on stress reduction strategies. 

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However, another great way is to take up a new hobby to help focus your energy into something productive. Refocusing your mind and energy towards a task or new skill is just enough to feel more present, while helping to let some of your stress subside. Engaging the mind, even on a short-break from work towards a hobby, gives us a sense of purpose not associated with "the stressor". 

Head to Health. gov suggests that "learning a new skill, doing something outdoors, reading, doing something musical or artistic are some of the things we can do to help unwind" from our daily hustle and bustle. In fact, this same article published on Head to Health discusses research that has indicated this very nuance, that "people who participate in hobbies incur less stress, low mood and depression". 

Studies, like this one, suggest that participating in enjoyable leisure activities are associated with psychosocial and physical well-being.  

Connecthealth.org further discusses how creativity alone can help boost wellbeing, and further elaborates on team sports, and this idea of connections and social relationships as a way to support our mental health. 

The point is, there are things we can do to help combat stress and the effects of stress in our lives. Many people have hobbies that they already participate in or maybe a hobby of the past they wish to resurrect. However if you're having trouble, we'll help you brainstorm about some of the more common stress-reducing hobbies. 

Here are a few relaxing hobbies that may just be the outlet you need to relieve some of your anxiety and daily stress.


knitting to ease anxiety

A popular hobby (both of the past and present) that may help with stress, is knitting. This is a great relaxation hobby for anxiety as it not only can be meditative in its repetition, but you're actually being productive and creative in your own way. In fact, at the end of the day, you may have made something quite beautiful for yourself or even a loved-one, that you can take even more pleasure from. 

What makes this such a great hobby is that it doesn't require a lot of initial investment, and it is something that can be done in a wide variety of places at any time of day. There are tons of videos and tutorials on knitting, making it easy to get started and get your creative juices flowing. 


wood working to ease anxiety

Woodworking is another excellent relaxation hobby that can help set your mind at ease. There's something about working with your hands to create something that has an almost healing quality. Woodworking is something that can be done alone, or phone a friend or loved one to help you with this transcendent craft. 

Woodworking is a vast hobby with many different genres. You can potentially start small, and if you decide you enjoy it, grow to producing larger projects. Taking time to focus on building a perfect wooden item is a great way to calm your mind and soothe away stresses that come with your daily routine.

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taking a walk

Some of the greatest minds in history understood the benefit and decompression that going on a daily walk could add to your life. Taking a few moments each day to disconnect from typical aspects of your life, focusing on nothing but walking and soaking in your environment, will put you in the company with names like Aristotle, Charles Dickens, Henry Thoreau, and Mark Twain.

All of these great minds in history utilize walks as part of their routine to contemplate issues in their life and relieve anxiety while taking a peaceful stroll through nature.

Add more recent modifications to walking, like "walking meditation" into the mix and you could be on to something very unique and special to yourself and your own frame of mind. 

Learn To Play an Instrument

learn to play an instrument

Learning to play an instrument is an excellent relaxation hobby with the potential for health benefits. However, it doesn't stop here, even singing or plain listening to music can be therapeutic. In fact, a survey from Australian Psychological Society, concluded that 4 in 5 participants, suggested that things like listening to music or engaging in a hobby was moderately to highly effective in stress management. 

Additionally, just because you start playing an instrument doesn't mean you have to become the next rock-star. Studies have indicated that listening to music (called music therapy), has several positive health benefits, from effecting blood pressure and hormone levels, to stress experiences like restlessness and anxiety. 

Final Thoughts!

We sincerely hope that you can take something away from this article. We as humans, don't have to reinvent the wheel per say, there are ways we can help ourselves in very natural and holistic ways. 

Hopefully some of these activities can become relaxation hobbies for you to ease your mind. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and please share any of your favorite hobbies for stress reduction in the comments section of this blog!


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