Relaxation Techniques - Ways to Relax the Body and Mind!

The truth is stress sucks, right? Whether its acute, from a specific situation, or chronic stress that we face in our lives on a daily basis, we carry the burden both physically and psychologically. These two concepts almost go hand and hand it would seem, and we need to understand ways to fight it, and combat it effectively.

The process of relaxation is not just about peace of mind or enjoying a specific activity, but it is really the process that decreases effects that stress has on both the mind and body (MayoClinic). When someone has some sort of physical stress they are dealing with, or tension, it actually can increase your emotional stress and the same is true if someone is facing emotional or psychological stress, it can effect you physically, making you feel worn down.

It can truly effect your body and behavior as a whole (MayoClinic).

Relaxation techniques, figuring out how to calm yourself down, and individually discovering ways to relax are all important to a better well-being, however it starts with first recognizing stress symptoms in order to better manage them.

Relaxation techniques are great and can get you through in a crisis, but wouldn't it be better to remove the stressors all together? Well, that's a blog post all by itself. Today let's focus on relaxation ideas for the body and mind that may get you through in a pinch.

1. Don't Ignore It. Face It:

I think this will help you in both the short and long term. Ignoring problems, ignoring stressors certainly doesn't make them go away. This is a sure fire way of stressors continuing to build up, which can eventually effect every day life, work habits, and feeling completely overwhelmed. So, don't ignore the stress.

Figure out when and why it happened. Maybe the stressor(s) are something small to fix. Maybe there are ways in the future you can avoid it, but never really thought about it until now.

2. Take a Breather:

Relaxation technique tip number 2, once you've actually figured out what is causing your stress, perform some sort of physical activity, or mind-body activity, that can help relieve that stress. Stop that stress response in its track!


a. Exercising

b. Lighting some Candles

d. Reducing Caffeine Intake

ways to relax

e. Writing/Reflecting

how to calm yourself down

f. Finding a Friend to Talk to

3. Relaxing Mentally:

Okay so you've identified your stressors, you've now started deep breathing exercises (or one of the above mentioned relaxation ideas), now what?

a. Visualize your Calm:

So close your eyes and think about that place that makes your happiest or puts you at ease. (i.e. The beach, your kids, favorite vacation)

b. Try to become a more optimistic person:

Glass half-full person, not half-empty

c. Meditation

d. Sleep:

Get some Rest

Find some other fun ways to calm yourself down here: Fun Stress Relievers in the comfort of your own home

We hope you enjoyed this blog post from and have some ways in mind to help you relax and calm down in stressful situations. We hope to have you again soon!


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