Relaxing Bath Ideas at Home

There are certainly many ways to enjoy a nicely drawn bath. Today, we want to talk about some additional ideas that can have you relaxing in no time through a series of steps, and then some great products to add tranquility.

In this day and age, a day at the spa is a wonderful thing, however you can easily create an evening at home that won't break the bank, and feel almost as good as you would after an expensive spa day.

relaxing bath ideas at home

1. Start with a Clean Slate

Most importantly, to make it feel as relaxing as possible and before even setting the mood, it starts with a clean bath room and sparkling clean tub. We would recommend you spend a few hours the day prior or on your weekly clean, and give the bathroom some extra TLC.  

2. Set the Mood

The next step now that you have a beautifully scrubbed down and clean bathroom and tub, is to set the mood. It's time to mimic a day at the spa.

Soft dimmed lights can easily be replicated with candles as a great relaxing bath idea at home. Obviously, be safe with your candle placement, but also be heavy handed, placing multiple candles all around the tub area or bathroom in general.

relaxing bath ideas at home

3. Catch Up on Stuff...

Some people would rather sit in complete silence during there relaxation time, however what soothes and relaxes others is catching up on some of your favorite TV dramas, or reading a book/magazine, so make sure you have the proper set up for it.

There are tons of really cool bathtub caddy's that can houzz an IPad, phone, book, magazine or even candles. Do a quick search on ETSY and even personalize one. ETSY can add a ton of relaxing bath ideas to your repertoire that you can use at home.

4. Vino

Who can forget the wine. Grab your favorite beverage of choice the day before so you're all set. Again a bath-caddy works great for wine glasses as well, so you don't have to worry about reaching for you glass and it spilling everywhere.

Cleaning up red wine off the floor is not my idea of relaxation. Some of you may rather enjoy a cup of warm tea, or cocoa as well.

bath ideas to relax

5. Accessorize Your Bath

Bath Pillow: There are lots of different bath pillows, make sure it is water proof!

Water Proof Speaker: Listen to your favorites and most relaxing music on a waterproof speaker. You can find ones that float or literally cling to the sides of your tub or wall for very reasonable prices.

Color/Lighting: Add color to your water with waterproof lights. You can purchase submersible LED lights or other bathtub lights for under 20$ online, adding to the ambiance of your bathtub experience.

bath ideas to relax

6. Draw Your Bath

So you have your ambience set, you've accessorized and have your beverage with you. Now it's time to draw your bath. I always like my bath water pretty hot, just hot enough to where I can see the steam coming off the water. Add some bubbles for some added fun and beautiful scents.

relaxing bath ideas

7. Fun For Your Skin

After your tub is nicely filled or during the filling process, add some amazing fragrance and scented skin products. Items like Epsom salts, bath bombs, bath oils, really add to the relaxation process, but also do wonders for your skin.

If you're looking for bath bombs that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, pay attention and make sure your bath bombs have oils, butters, clay's or all of the above in the list of ingredients. Always buy from a reputable company or you can even make your own.

relaxing bubble bath ideas

For Your Skin Continued....

Why not add another layer of skin nourishing agents buy purchasing an avocado face mask or using a beautiful scented sugar scrub (which can also be made at home).

You can even find 100% organic and Vegan, or all natural moisturizing soaps in shops on ETSY that will leave your skin feeling smooth, and not to dried out like many traditional soaps.

relaxing bubble bath ideas

Well that's it, we hope you have enjoyed the post on some relaxing bath ideas. Be sure to visit us again for more relaxation ideas!

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