One of the Most Popular Bath Bombs Ever: The Rose Petal Bath Bomb

dry rose petals in your bath bomb


One of the oldest and most popular bath bombs is the Sex Bomb from Lush. This is one of the first bath bombs I can even remember, probably because it was the first one I saw that actually had embeds and released rose petals when placed in water. This one will forever be a classic.

The cool thing about bath bombs is that there are tons of creative minds always upping the bath bomb game, with new designs, scents, and even what they are capable of doing as they fizz out. Even more cool is that you can replicate some of these bath bombs, you may not have exact ingredients, but you can devise bath bombs that are similar to your favorites.

Take for instance the Lush Sex Bomb, there are many YouTube videos out there that talk about exactly how to replicate this design.

rose bath bomb

However, that' s not quite what we'll be doing here, today. We want to walk you through an easier process that can get you really cool, but more original bath bombs with rose petals in them.

If you have not read yet, check out our blog post about bath bombs and then head over and educate yourself about some of the common ingredients we will be using to create this rose petal bath bomb today.

Helpful Tips!

Make sure to buy a good solid mold. We suggest that if new to this process, start off with a stainless steel round mold (3 oz. - 5 oz.). You can buy heart shaped molds that work well, but it can be a little tricky to get you mixture just right, and rounded bath bombs are a little more forgiving then molds that have sharper more detailed edges.

Don't go crazy with additives. There are tons of clay's, and carrier oils, as well as butters that you can mix in with your ingredients, but if you are just starting out, work with some basic ingredient, and with oils first. Clay's can open up another whole realm of problems in your mixture if you're not careful (like changes the weight, density, and wet/dry ratio's).

Pay attention to humidity whenever making bath bombs. If humidity is to high it can really effect your bath bombs, causing them to adsorb to much moisture, causing warts, cracking and difficulty drying.

bath bombs with rose petals

Ingredients (basics!)

  • Baking Soda - 2 Cup
  • Citric Acid - 1 Cup
  • Epson Salt - 1/3 Cup
  • Corn Starch - 1/3 Cup
  • Rose Essential Oil - 25 Drops
  • Coloring: Recommend Water Soluble Certified Dyes, but you can use food coloring. (if you use food coloring keep in mind a little goes along way, and depending on depth of color can stain you tub and/or skin)
  • Rose Petals (Amazon is a cheap place to buy a bag of petals)
  • Spray Bottle with water/alcohol mix

Rose Essential Oil Benefits

Many essential oils have either been involved in research studies or theorized to have certain health benefits. Some of the benefits rose essential oil is thought to have, according to studies discussed at, includes pain relief, helping reduce anxiety and depression as well as antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

rose bath bomb

Making your Own Bath Bomb with Rose Petals

Step One

Take your dry ingredients and mix them in one bowl. It's important to buy (if you don't already have) finest grain baking soda and citric acid or else they may make it harder to mix.

Any clumps you can feel, simply massage in between your hands. Add the Epsom salt and corn starch as well.

Next, mix your wet ingredients, which is your coloring of choice, and essential(s) oil of choice in a separate bowl. You can also use a lightweight carrier oil at this time, but let's keep things as simple as possible this time around.

Step Two

Pour the wet ingredients you mixed into the dry ingredients that you've mixed and start to mix immediately. You can use a hand or stand mixture, but for this little amount of bath bombs, we recommend doing it with your hands, this will really give you a good feel of proper consistency.

Step Three

After you have the ingredients mixed together with no clumps, you can start adding sprays/spritz's of your water & alcohol mix, don't worry about the rose petals just yet we will get to them. The purpose of the water is to get the mixture to a point that it will mold.

Start with 3-sprays of water, mix, and then test your mixture.

* You will know it's the right consistency when you grab a handful and squeeze the mixture together and it stays together in your hand *

Step Four

Next, grab half of your stainless steel mold. Place some rose petals in the bottom of the mold. I like my rose petals to be somewhat broken up at this step, they look more appealing when the bath bomb is molded versus whole petals, too me anyways.

Step Five

Add your mixture to that half. Add a few more rose petals. The purpose here to embed some of them in the middle of the bath bomb. These petals can be whole. Add a little more mixture on top of those rose petals.

Grab your other half and do the same thing.

Step Six

After both halves are overfilled with mixture, press them together. I like to recommend keeping the molds pressed together for about 10 seconds, you really should not need more then that. Some people will leave the bath bomb in the mold for up to 30 minutes.

It's really a "feel thing", so if you feel your mixture could benefit from some extra time in the mold then give it a go, ideally you can squeeze together and then un-mold immediately!

Step Seven

The last step is to un-mold the rose petal bath bomb and allow it to dry on egg carton foam or something soft for 24-hours.

When placing these in water you will not only get that amazing rose aroma, but flower petals will be slowly released into your tub. Easy Breezy, right!

Well that's it, we hope you enjoy creating one these simple simple bath bombs with flower petals inside, as always if you like our posts please share them on social media, which will really help us out.

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