"Spice it Up" with Yoga: Hot Yoga For Couples

For couple yoga we mean, by defining the practice in a generic way, a declination of the discipline that the partners can take advantage of at the same time. As a rule, positions are chosen that can be performed in a complementary way by the elements of the couple, with the partners themselves often arranged facing each other.

On a physical level, the practice first of all involves the regulation of breathing, so that it can achieve synchrony within the couple, as well as movements that are as contemporary as possible, paying attention to the control of the musculature - for example that of the abdomen - posture and much more. . On the psychological front, however, the discipline aims to broaden self-awareness, one's role within the relationship, the needs and requirements of the partner. Couples yoga, consequently, helps to hear the words of one's self, to connect with the soul of the partner, to get rid of the superstructures that weigh down the relationship in order to reach the fulcrum of the feeling.

There are many partners who use hot couples yoga not only to strengthen the emotional bond, but also to improve the physical union, the one represented by sexual intercourse. This is because discipline has always been a valuable aid in boosting performance - for example by acting on oxygenation, endurance but also on anxiety - and taking advantage of it in two further extends its potential.

The first benefit of hot couples yoga, also and especially in the bedroom, is linked to better breathing. In fact, the practice guarantees greater control, acting above all on the diaphragm, stimulating both tissue oxygenation and blood circulation. As it is easy to guess, a more efficient blood supply has the first effect of increasing the quality of intercourse: at the male level, it manifests itself with more satisfying and lasting erections, at the female level instead with an improved sensitivity in the genital area, a more efficient lubrication and easier management of the pelvic floor muscles. Furthermore, the fact that in couple yoga the breathing between the partners is mostly synchronized puts the lovers in an absolutely egalitarian position, where the desires and expectations of both will be ensured.

Hot couples yoga also increases the endurance and duration of intercourse, thus making it more enjoyable. In addition to strengthening the pelvic floor, it significantly reduces the loss of erection, the risk of premature ejaculation, poor lubrication or reduced control of the vaginal muscles. But that's not all, since it increases concentration, eliminates performance anxiety, gives awareness of one's body by excluding unnecessary shame or worries in showing oneself to a loved one, stimulates the quality of orgasm and much more. Last but not least, yoga for couples gives more elasticity and reduces problems related to the joints, thus ensuring the possibility of experimenting with new positions.


Hot couples yoga: easy postures for couples!

Hot twist

hot twist yoga pose for couples


In yoga, the twists aim to purify the body, eliminating metabolic waste and realigning any vertebral disharmony.

In couple yoga, this position is very useful for restoring balance and favoring the right "interlocking" of emotions.

Position yourself back to back with your legs crossed. Remember to keep your pelvis firmly rooted to the floor and in contact with that of your partner.

Both of you rotate your torso to the right, placing the back of your right hand on your left knee.

Keeping your shoulders well in contact with your partner's, hook your partner's knee with your left hand. Hold the position for a few minutes and repeat in the opposite direction.


Hot couple child’s pose

hot couples child yoga pose



Get into a sitting position so that both of you are comfortable and not distracted by any pain in your knees or other joints. Inhale and bring your tailbone back (your back is straight and leaning forward). Exhale rounding the lumbar vertebrae, squeeze the chin towards the breastbone and bring the coccyx forward. While one of the two flexes forward bringing the sacrum backwards, the partner opens the chest well and abandons himself on the partner's back, arching his spine backwards. It is important that the basins remain well rooted to the ground and that the breathing is synchronized as much as possible.


Standing forward bend

standing forward bend yoga pose for couples


Uttanasana, the standing forward bend is one of the easy poses that can be performed in two. These movements will also help you regain stability and safety in the other. But also the drive, the energy needed to do better.

Stand up, back to back. Your buttocks should fit snugly against your partner's. After raising your arms to the sky, taking care to keep your shoulders low and relaxed, exhale. By contracting the abdomen, bend your back and bring your hands to the floor. Maintain the position for a few moments.

Then with your hands try to grab the shoulders of the partner and squeeze as if you were a pliers. It will be fun to look you eye to eye. Upside down!


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