Surya Bhedana Pranayama (Right Nostril Breathing): Surya Bhedana Breathing Benefits 

Surya Bhedana Pranyama is an activating pranayama, which makes the mind alert and helps the concentration of the intellect. It is therefore recommended in case of low mood, sadness, low energy, lack of enthusiasm. If you want to boost your energy you can make it happen with Surya Bhedana Pranayama. To perform it in the most effective way there are a few tips to get started!

Sit on the pillow in a comfortable cross-legged position, if you have advanced practice you can take the half lotus or lotus position, bringing your feet above your hips. Inhale, lift your shoulders and roll them back. As you exhale, slide your shoulder blades down to keep your spine straight. The arms are extended along the body, the hands resting on the knees with the palms facing up, the thumb and forefinger are closed in a delicate contact, called Chin Mudra.

Raise your right hand and bring your index and middle fingers between the eyebrows, where the third eye is located, Bhrumadya Drishti, close your eyes but direct your inner gaze towards that point. Take a deep inhale and then exhale completely emptying your lungs.

Are you ready to start Surya Bhedana Pranayama!

Gently close the left nostril with the index finger and slowly inhale with the right nostril, counting to four. Now close the right nostril with your thumb and exhale from the left nostril, again counting to four and trying to empty the lungs. Inhale from your right nostril and exhale out from your left nostril.

This type of breathing is performed with alternating nostrils, so after exhaling, close the left nostril again with the middle index and inhale with the right nostril always counting to four and then exhale from the left nostril. Keep your back straight, your eyes closed and your gaze fixed on the third eye. Continue to inhale from the right and exhale from the left, closing the nostrils alternately. If you can, try to increase the length of your breath, bringing it to six counts, both in the inhale and in the exhale. Feel the sense of warmth, strength and energy that this type of pranayama brings to the entire nervous system.

You can start the first session with ten breaths from both nostrils, and then gradually increase, dedicating at least fifteen minutes a day to your Pranayama. Practice it especially in the morning to give yourself the right charge to kick-start your day with determination and whenever you feel down in tone, afflicted, dejected and want to bring vitality to your nervous system, lifting the mood.

Surya Bhedana benefits

Surya Bhedana stimulates the central nervous system by bringing heat to the body, improves digestion, makes the mind sharp. By practicing this breathing the rib cage expands, favoring the opening of the heart and the improvement of its activity. The lungs decongest and breathing becomes more fluid.

This type of breathing cleans the sinuses, and is always recommended when we are cold and want to purify the airways. It is recommended to always practice it in winter when we feel cold and want to warm the body.

This breathing should be practiced away from meals, because the body already burns a lot of energy during the digestion process. In cases of pregnancy or cardiovascular problems, an intense practice of Surya Bhedana is not recommended.

If we find it hard to wake up in the morning because our mood is always low, Surya Bhedana Pranyama is an excellent ally to face the challenges of our day that awaits us with determination and courage.

We just have to get all on the mat!


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