The Best Essential Oil Diffuser Blends by Category: Relaxing Essential Oil Blends for your Diffuser

In this post we want to get right down to it. What are some of the best essential oil diffuser blends that we have tried or seen for your home diffusers. Now we aren't going to just throw out 101 different blends because you will most likely get bored, and secondly probably will never get around to trying all of them. We are going to focus on the top blends for certain categories. For instance, what are the stress blends, or the best relaxing essential oil blends for your diffuser that we have tried. The following are the top three blends that we have used for said categories.

Okay so the first category we are going to focus on is Stress. We all have it or have had to deal with stress at some point. Now there are many different essential oils that have been linked to stress relief in some way and the point of this article is not to go into depth about that research, but it is to just discuss the combinations that are not only linked to stress relief, but also smell great together.

Common essential oils linked to "Stress Relief"

  • Lavender
  • Orange
  • Frankincense
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Rose
  • Bergamot
  • Neroli
  • Lemongrass
  • Lemon
  • Yuzu
  • Peppermint

Our Top 3 Best Essential Oil Blends for Stress to use in your Diffuser:

1. Lavender/Sweet Orange/Ylang Ylang & Frankincense (Equal Parts)
2. Lavender/Peppermint (2 Part Lavender to 1 Part Peppermint)
3. Ylang Ylang/Patchouli/Bergamot (We suggest slightly less Bergamot, 2:2:1)

Common essential Oils for "Relaxation"

  • Lavender
  • Cedarwood
  • Ylang Ylamg
  • Chamomile
  • Geranium
  • Jasmine
  • Sandalwood
  • Marjoram
  • Mandarin
  • Vetiver

essential oil blends for diffuser

Our Top 3 Relaxing Essential Oil Blends For Your Diffuser:

1. Bergamot/Mandarin/Lavender/Lemongrass (4 drops: 4 drops: 4 drops: 2 drops)
2. Lavender/Cedarwood/Ylang Ylang/Chamomile/Vetiver (4 drops: 2 drops: 4 drops: 2 drops: 2 drops)
3. Bergamot/Geranium/Lavender (Equal Parts)

Common essential Oils to "Increase Mood"

  • Bergamot
  • Cypress
  • Lemongrass
  • Rosemary
  • Grapefruit
  • Sage
  • Peppermint
  • Sweet Orange
  • Spearmint
  • Lemon
  • Juniper Berry

Our Top 3 Mood Enhancers or Energy Essential Oil Blends For Your Diffuser:

1. Peppermint/Wintergreen/Spearmint (Equal Parts)
2. Peppermint/Orange/Lime (Equal Parts)
3. Grapefruit/Eucalyptus/Frankincense/Juniper Berry (4 drops: 2 drops: 2 drops: 1 drop)

Next, we discuss the best essential oil blends to aid in Sleep for your diffuser:

Our Top 3 Essential Oil Blends For Sleep with Your Diffuser:

1. Lavender/Vetiver/Marjoram (Equal parts)
2. Patchouli/Sandalwood (Equal parts)
3. Lavender/Vanilla (5 drops: 4 drops)

The lists above again is offered to get you started. There are tons and tons of blends out there of essential oils and other fragrances that are amazing, however these are can't miss blends that work well together. Remember to head over and read our post on the different types of diffuser that are out there if you are still unsure. Different diffusers require different amounts of essential oils, to carrier oils, to water components, so make sure you understand what you are buying and your intended goal behind them.

Well that's it, we again here at RN to Zen appreciate you stopping by and hope you have gained some valuable information while here. Feel free to share our posts on social media and browse our blog and products. Have a great 2020!

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