The Best Yoga Mat For Beginners: What to Think About!

the best yoga mat for beginners

One of the biggest difficulties is finding the best yoga mat for beginners that meets all the yogi's needs. It is also one of the most essential props. There are many models and it often seems that one is worth the other or that the biggest difference is only the cost. If you're having trouble, in this article you'll find a complete guide on how to choose the best yoga mat for beginners!

Having a Good Yoga Mat Helps A Lot In Practice!

having a good yoga mat is important for your practice

What we can advise immediately is not to opt for low cost yoga mats. Usually, in fact, those who are at the beginning choose a mat as cheap as possible, with the idea of changing it in the future or because they just want to try. In doing so, we often find ourselves with an accessory that is worth little or nothing and that must be thrown away after a few sessions.

To avoid this and also to not waste money, we recommend that you spend some time reading this article on how to choose the yoga mat. This will be a good starting point for you in your endeavors to find one that suits your needs. A good mat to start, does not cost much and with a little research, you will find excellent products with an incredibly high quality / price ratio.

Choosing the right yoga mat is very difficult, especially for a novice. The truth is that to practice yoga you need a good mat, right from the start, and choosing it is not easy. There are many aspects to take into consideration. 

If you choose only on the basis of the price, you will realize, after one or two times, that you're not at all well: maybe it is uncomfortable, it is too thin or even slippery and you risk getting hurt!

This does not mean, however, that you have to spend a fortune, because today there are models that cost relatively little, but are ideal even for the most advanced. Below we'll give you some advice on how to find the best yoga mat for a complete beginner yogi!

What Material To Choose: The Best Yoga Mat For Beginners?

yoga mat material is important

A very important feature to consider is the material your yoga mat is made of. Currently there are various types (PVC, TPE, Rubber, cork, Cotton and others) and each has its strengths and weaknesses.

The material depends not only on the sensation to the touch and that on the skin, but also features such as waterproofing, weight and adherence. For this you must choose the material based on the use you will make of it and the environments in which you intend to practice.

An important note in this parameter is eco-sustainability and non-toxicity. In the past, not much attention was paid to the environmental impact and the consequences of using toxic and harmful substances such as glues and dyes that are not only polluting, but also harmful to the skin. Today, finally we notice it, so we recommend to you to choose as natural material as possible.

How To Choose The Ideal Thickness: The Best Yoga Mat For Beginners

choosing the right thickness for your yoga mat

Another important thing to take into consideration is the thickness of the mat.

Usually we opt for a greater thickness, because this is much softer and more comfortable. This is especially true if you train on hard surfaces, such as home tiles, and in positions where weight is concentrated on the knees and elbows.

On the other hand, by choosing one too often, you may have more difficulty maintaining balance, in some particularly difficult positions that require more stability, because you may have that feeling of sinking.

Generally, those who start prefer a thicker mat, precisely because it is softer and protects limbs and joints not yet accustomed to Yoga. On the other hand, those of a more advanced yogi and accustomed level prefer 4mm thick ones.

It should be borne in mind that thickness affects weight and if you practice outdoors or in a gym not very close to home, you should choose the yoga mat with the best weight / thickness ratio for you.

Choose Something You Like!

Your yoga mat is going to be your buddy when doing yoga! Choosing a mat that you like is very important as unrolling a beautiful mat can be a great plus for some extra motivation! 

Why Choosing A Good Yoga Mat For Beginners Is So Important?

Buying a yoga mat seems like a very simple and straightforward thing. Yet when you go to buy it, you come across such great choices that it becomes difficult to decide which one: Cheaper one since I'm just starting? A thicker or thinner one? What material do I need for my environment? And still, many others!

It is therefore necessary to pause, and not over complicate things. Take some of the pointers from this article and look for the ideal one for you based on things like; stability, comfort, balance, protection of the joints and from any impacts with the ground.

choosing a yoga mat based on the environment or surface

Heck you may even have a friend or family member you recently started or does advanced yoga. Ask! Often times you'll find other people dealt with the same issue you have on choosing the best mat, as a complete beginner to the practice.

Your yoga mat is your sacred place, a place where you can learn to listen to both your body and soul and use this precious awareness in your practice, but also your daily life!

Final Thoughts!

It was our intent to not drag this post on to long, because there are so many different kinds/brands of yoga mats out their! The point is to ask yourself these simple questions. You may find that 6 months down the road, you now have an idea on the exact mat your want or need for your practice, and that's okay.

However, it is important that you find a solid mat, even if you're a beginner, so to not hinder your views of yoga right off the bat!

Thanks for coming by, we look forward to having you again soon. Please share your experiences with choosing a yoga mat or ones you happen to think are the best for a beginner yogi!

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