The Best Yoga Postures For Beginners To Do At Home

yoga postures for beginners at home

Yoga is an ancient mindfulness technique through which you can connect your body, mind, and soul. With its amazing benefits on physical, mental, and spiritual health, many people are turning towards practicing yoga in their homes.

The best part is, you can easily practice many yoga postures at home, even if you are a total beginner to it's practice. (as always make sure if you are dealing with any aliments you consult an expert before proceeding)

Some of the best yoga postures for beginners at home include:

Downward Facing Dog

The downward-facing dog position is great for improving your balance and strengthening your core. To perform this yoga maneuver, you can begin on your hands and feet facing the yoga mat, in a table-top position, hands underneath your shoulders, knees aligned and underneath your hips.

Now, extend your arms slowly away from your core, taking your hips back and upward, almost like you're building an inverted "U" or "V" shape with your hips as you extend upwards (see video above).

With the downward facing dog maneuver you want to extend your feet and shift your balance to your toes, your heels may be raised slightly, or they may touch the mat once you advance in your practice. Take a few breaths, stay in this position for 5 to 10 seconds, and then gradually move back into the table-top position.

The Warrior Position

This yoga position is great for those wanting to improve their flexibility, feel confident, while also strengthening their body balance through their core.

Stand on a yoga mat or begin in the traditional downward facing dog position (preferred) and extend your right foot in front of you in-between your hands which are at shoulder width or slightly more then shoulder width apart.

Your left leg should be extended backwards in almost a diagonal line with your core, while dropping your back heel. Both of your legs should be on slightly different planes.

Now, gently and slowly lift your arms up towards the ceiling, while pushing your hips slightly lower and arching your back which ultimately will help in opening up your chest. Stay in this position for 10 to 15 seconds and then maneuver yourself to prepare to do your other side in similar fashion.

Tree Position

The Tree Position is one of the most popular yoga positions and ranks among the best yoga postures for beginners. It works well for creating clarity and focus.

You will begin by standing in an upright position with your head, chest, and pelvis aligned in a straight line. With your right foot planted firmly into your yoga mat, your left foot is just lightly on the mat with your toes touching. You should feel your weight transfer to just one leg (right leg).

Next, bring your left knee upward toward your core, you can grab onto your knee if need be to get your balance. Then swing your left leg out to the side, (like the opening of a gate). Now bring the plane of your foot toward your right leg and push against the right leg, either below or above your knee joint, depending on your comfort level with this position.

Tip: You should try and also press your right thigh into your left foot as this will help you stay centered and balanced.

While you do this, focus on your core strength and balance, place your hands in a prayer position, relax and drop your shoulders, and remain in this position.

Repeat the pose with the other leg.

Great Job!

These are some of the best yoga postures for beginners that can be easily done at home, any time of the day. These positions are meant to improve clarity, focus, and posture and are equally good for both mental and physical health.

Once you have mastered some of these basic beginner poses at home, you can then move onto yoga props. Try using a yoga wheel or yoga blocks to add difficulty to your movements!

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