Today's Spotlight: Background, "Benefits" & Uses for Rose Geranium Essential Oil

what is rose geranium essential oil

Oh the sweet, uplifting scent of Rose Geranium essential oils. As our daily lives become more stressful, especially in a year like 2020, with COVID-19, more people are looking for ways to relax themselves, aside from exercise and simply trying to eat healthier. 

One of the ways in doing this is through combining essential oils with aromatherapy, meditation, yoga and even massages. Some of the more popular essential oils include, lavender, peppermint & Bergamot oils, but today we'll talk Rose. 

Rose Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens var. roseum) is another go to choice for many, for both home remedies and other uses. Rose Geranium is part of the "Scented Geraniums" and belongs to the genus Pelargonium botanical family. This essential oil is different then Geranium essential oil in that it offers a more floral rose scent. 

These plants grow in temperate to subtropical areas like Southern Africa. The leaves smell strongly like, (you guessed it), roses! 

rose geranium essential oil health benefits

The plant family shares a lot of essential features. However, Rose Geranium is said to be superior because of its fragrance and other rose properties. 

The benefits of Rose Geranium like many of the essential oils we've discussed, dates back centuries. It was essential as a traditional remedy in treating certain medical conditions, like burns and other topical ailments. It was also used to help treat certain respiratory ailments, such as the common cough.  

Over the years, research and lab data has shown some potential benefits of this essential oil, as well as expanding on the initial uses of this oil. Today you'll see this oil referenced when it comes to treating acne, reducing inflammation, relieving anxiety symptoms and balancing hormones

Here are some of the potential uses and benefits of Rose Geranium essential oil.


Medicinal Use/Inflammation

rose geranium essential oil and inflammation

Keep in mind that some claims about essential oils have been researched and some even proven within that research. However other claims are just that, they are claims., meaning more research, duplicating results of initial findings, or initial research needs to be done. 

We'll do our best to talk about some of the research that is out there as of 2021.

Rose Geranium essential oil may enhance emotional stability, help in aiding pain relief, and speed wound healing. This oil may also be useful in improving mood and reducing body inflammation.

In fact, a 2013 study was one of the first to report a significant anti-inflammatory finding as a topical skin treatment. In this study it was used on ear edema and mice paws.

As far as helping to reduce anxiety and providing more emotional stability, Rose Geranium has also been studied for this role. 

A review of studies done in 2017, looked at 13 separate clinical trials. Five of the trials looked at it's analgesic effect, five more looked at the usage of Rose Geranium on physiological relaxation. The other clinical trials attributed to it's potential anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and improving sexual dysfunction effects.

The study concluded that in fact Rose oil can impact all of the above in some way....

For instance, one clinical trial concluded that it increased the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, and inhibited nitric oxide synthase. Certain mechanisms of action of this oil could be responsible for increasing sexual desire.

Other studies, like this one in 2013, concluded that inhalation of Rose oil demonstrated that, when used in combination with conventional therapy, it reduced renal colic pain. Or in 2015 when it was studied for post-operative pain in children, saw a significant reduction in pain when using aromatherapy/rose oil compared to a placebo group. 

This could be do to essential oils ability to stimulate certain parts of the brain, like the limbic system. The increase parasympathetic & sympathetic activity means increased release of neurotransmitters, that can help regulate or improve mood.

In Persian medicine, rose oil has been used for things like wound healing, relieving headache, hemorrhoid's, inflammation of the GI tract and muscular pain.

Insect Repellant

as an insect repellent

Rose geranium essential oil has been used as an insect repellent, however Geranium oil is not part of the EPA's insect repellent ingredients. However, it is one standard essential oil with proven natural repellent abilities.

Some studies have looked at and evaluated different essential oils of geranium. Like this study done in 2013, in which all 10 essential oils from geranium that were used were noted to act as a repellent, specifically to ticks. 

The research even suggested certain compounds in geranium oil having the potential for commercial development.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

in essential oil or aromatherapy diffuser

You can dilute geranium oil with distilled water and a few drops of citrusy essential oil to an aromatherapy diffuser. The mixture put in a spray bottle can have a similar effect as an aromatherapy room spray.

Add just a few drops to your aromatherapy diffuser and enjoy the beautiful floral aroma. Rose Geranium also pairs well with citrusy scents. Try combining this essential oil with orange, lime or citronella. 

To get a different floral scent, combine this oil with hints of lavender, or jasmine. 

Try it in a car diffuers as well for those stressful drives-in's to work!

Cosmetic Application

rose oil in cosmetics and for skin

You may see Rose Geranium essential oils mixed in with some of your favorite face creams. You can also use it diluted on the skin, as it's said to have properties that helps to remove dead skin cells, refine skin appearance, as well as balance skin's bum production, cleanse clogged pores, clear infections causing acne, enhance circulation, and reduce signs of varicose veins and cellulite.

There is also evidence of "some" essential oils having antimicrobial properties within certain compounds that make up the oils. One study in 2008 looked at the effects of various Rose oils from Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco, Iran and China, against certain strains of bacteria and yeast.

As far as an antioxidant (which are well-known agents for improving skins ability to heal itself), Rose Geranium has demonstrated these antioxidant properties, as this one review of studies in 2017 determined. 

This same study (mentioned above) discussed P.gravenolen's ability to even outperform current anti-fungal drugs in place, and being effective against strains of Gram-positive bacteria.

To use in cosmetic application, this essential oil can be added to face creams, at a rate of 2-3 drops per 1/2 ounce. If you wish to add it to a carrier oil, this is also an option. We prefer lightweight carrier oils. 

Natural Body Shampoo

natural body shampoo

Adding rose geranium oil to your favorite shampoo may give it extra soothing properties. You can combine it with a skin condition carrier oil, liquid castle soap, and floral water, and potentially reap the added benefits. 

The ability to help blaance oil production, may also aide in preventing scalp conditions, such as dandruff

Other Potential Benefits:

Menopause and Peri-menopause

menopause symtoms

Geranium itself has been linked to helping with symptoms of menopausal women.

When using it in aromatherapy, geranium essential oil stimulates the secretion of salivary estrogen. There is some research out there like this 2008 study, that suggests aromatherapy massage may be an effective treatment for menopausal symptoms

It emphasized symptoms such as hot flashes, depression and pain, however, it could not be determined whether the positive effects were from aromatherapy, massage or both.

Strengthens the Immune System

immune support

It is also perpetuated that Rose Geranium essential oil, due to it's studied antiviral and anti-fungal properties, can help to strengthen the immune system to fight against illness and infections. 

Much of this research needs to be repeated and confirmed, though it seems. 

A 2017 review of studies indicated that Rose Geranium does in fact, across several studies, show wide spectrum antibacterial and antifungal properties against certain pathogens. 

Improves Skin

Rose Geranium Oil has a good reputation for skincare. Like mentioned earlier it can help clear dead skin cells, as a result, it may help to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and eliminate acne-causing bacteria due to it's studied antibacterial properties.

It is also useful in deodorizing, rejuvenating skin complexion, and speeding up the fading of scars, blemishes, acne, and rashes. 

Be sure to research how to properly dilute all oils before applying any essential oil to your skin!

Help Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

help with anxiety and stress symptoms

Geranium essential oil's herbaceous aroma is said to have soothing and sedative properties. These enhance the feeling of relaxation, promoting stability and optimism. These properties are beneficial to individuals experiencing fatigue, anxiety, depression, and grief.

It's important to always consult with a physician before using any essential oil treat any sort of physical or mental ailment. 

If wanting to use this oil in a bath or massage setting, simply dilute it with a carrier oil. Always test you dilution on a small area of skin to make sure you don't have any negative reaction, is best. 

Rose Geranium Side Effects!

Any of the essential oils we discuss are for external application only, as we do not suggest ingestion of them for any purpose. If you wish to use Rose Geranium for therapeutic purposes it's always important to consult a medical expert. The same goes for use in pregnant women and children. Always consult a medical professional before use in women who are pregnant. 

Essential oils should not be used as a replacement to current treatments for any condition that you may have, unless you have spoken to a medical professional. 

If any allergic reaction were to occur during use, discontinue immediately, and consult an expert. It's also advised not to apply any of discussed essential oils to orifices such as your ears, nose, eyes or any other sensitive area of the body. 

Final Thoughts!

Whether your choose a well known essential oil like Rose Geranium, or decide to go with another option like ylang ylang or Patchouli, you are bound to stumble on one that at least intrigues you from an aromatic standpoint. 

Remember to always do your research when deciding to apply any essential oils to skin, and ask a proper health provider if ever considering them to help treat any physical or mental issue.

Feel free to share your experience with essential oils and/or aromatherapy on our blog!










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