What to Expect at your First Core Power Yoga Class? Insider Edition

first core power yoga class

What is Core Power Yoga?

Core Power Yoga is a hybrid workout that allows you to bridge the gap between individual workouts and high-intensity workouts in fitness groups. This workout, which mixes cardio styles, strength training, and yoga, is an absolute hit that you will love to do.

Core Power Yoga class combines different styles into one class, focuses on body transformation, and offers intense, Vinyasa strength-enhancing classes set to music, that will really make you sweat!

you're going to sweat doing this form of intense yoga

Core Power Yoga is a powerful mixture of benefits of yoga and the benefits of fitness. We say this because core power yoga helps relieve tension, improves your stretch, and at the same time can help strengthen each muscle. This style can push your physical limits and challenge you. It can also include cardio, so it can be a complete body workout. Most of the time, our bodies are still, but our minds are racing. Core Power Yoga has the potential to offer an intense body workout, while at the same time calming the mind through yoga type practice. 


Core Power Yoga Class Reviews

core power yoga class

Most beginners start with Core Power Yoga class level 1, but many may also be able to start from a Core Power yoga class level 2 because they feel they know the basics. If you are just beginning to get into yoga, here are some easy to perform asanas for beginners!

If you are a total beginner to the practice of yoga, you should start with Core Power Yoga class level 1. As it turns out, Core Power Yoga classes level 1 do not heat up. This class is intended as an introduction, but it is far from boring, that's for sure! You can expect a good challenge from a Core Power Yoga level I class.

The yoga poses are interconnected with synchronized breathing, so the body warms up as well as your concentration within the session. The purpose of this form of yoga is to create heat in the body, which then induces sweating. This type of workout truly hits on flow and feel of yoga, but introduces a more fun modern vibe to it, that often includes music and a more modern studio setting!

The Teachers are Friendly, Educated, Generous

what to expect from first core power yoga class

At the Core Power Yoga class level 2, the room tends to heat up. The teachers start using Sanskrit names for poses. You can expect the physical practice typical of powerful yoga and expect to move straight into a strong stream in which the Sun Salutations lead to standing poses, tougher balances, and inversions before you can relax on your yoga mat. Although the room is heated, it is not unbearable.

If you are attending Core Power Yoga class level 2, do not forget to bring with you a towel, you're certainly going to do a lot of sweating. So get ready to work. You may even need to wipe your yoga mat, and your feet often, so you don't slip!

Bonus Tip#1: Drink  plenty of water before and after the class!

Bonus Tip#2: These classes are popular, get to the studio a little early and get a good spot!

Core Power Yoga works similar to Power Yoga, even offering yoga classes that contain weights. 

There are even classes in which yoga is combined with the use of weights, and many cardio type exercises are performed. This may lead many to think you're are ready for Core Power Yoga, and that everyone that does weights during a normal yoga routine is suitable to take part in a Core Power Yoga class. 

Truth is, it's important ease your way into some of these more advanced classes, depending on your day-to-day comfort level with fitness and comfort with yoga in general. Make sure you're educated about the different forms of yoga before jumping into a live session. 

Like discussed above, Core Power Yoga classes usually have music to get you going, and to offer a more modern twist on the yoga practice and more this day and age, fitness centers. The music will hopefully keep you motivated going with the exercises and you can finish you first core power yoga class strong. At the end, may teachers will instill a short meditation session or some sort of wind-down!

No matter which class you will choose, we can agree that a Core Power yoga class can never be boring.


Core Power Yoga Class Benefit

core power yoga class and instructores

Tone Your Muscles!

You may have a job that takes up most of your day, and over time, this can lead to muscles and a body with a high degree of rigidity. Many of us are sitting most of the day, meetings, paperwork, etc. The continuous movements and correct poses in Core Power Yoga class will allow you to stretch and lengthen your muscles, strengthen yourself within, shed some calories, and maybe even put your mind at ease after a long stressful work-day!

Increase Endurance

core power yoga to increase endurance

Long-term and consistent attendance of Core Power Yoga classes increases endurance. Just like with regular fitness and exercise, Core Power yoga is no different in that aspect. When coupled with appropriate diet, it can help you burn calories, build lean muscle, and may even increase your cardiovascular health. 

In fact, according to Hugh Calkins, M.D., director of Cardiac Arrhythmia Service at Johns Hopkins, there are many studies tying yoga to improved cardiovascular health.

yoga to improve heart health, lower bs

Dr. Helen Glassberg, M.D. from the Penn Heart & Vascular Center, also states that like other forms of exercise, yoga can improve cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugar levels. 

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

yoga helps to reduce stress and put your mind at ease

Like other forms of yoga, Core Power yoga helps reduce stress and anxiety. During practice, we gradually increase our ability to concentrate and pay attention, which helps us to avoid secondary thoughts, repetitive clichés, or ordinary mental disorders, causing higher levels of stress. The breathing practices that are associated with yoga in general, can also be used within Core Power Yoga routines. 

These same deep breathing efforts an ability to focus on a deeper level can help offset stress that accumulates on a everyday basis. 

It's Perfect, Even for Beginners!

core power yoga can be done by beginner yogis

Since Core Power yoga classes can be so diverse, it is easy to find courses tailored especially for beginners (such as Core Power Yoga classes level 1), which will offer an equally healthy challenge, without shattering your confidence if you're new to the practice.  

Flexibility and balance is oftentimes a challenge of first time yogis. Yoga postures and more beginner positions can help with this and work out body up, so it's ready for more advanced poses or more difficult routines. 

 Even advanced athletes can benefit from regularly doing yoga. One study from the International Journal of Yoga in 2016 looked at regular yoga and it's effect on flexibility and balance on male college athletes. Concluding that in fact regular yoga can improve flexibility, balance as well as whole body measures, leading to the potential for enhanced performance with such activities. 

Final Thoughts!

Well, if we summarize everything from the above, from the first Core Power yoga class, we can expect challenging physical activity, real movement, increased elasticity, and a lot of fun doing it. The class is very enjoyable, and after it ends, we won't want to wait for the next go round.

If you are a fan of the power of yoga or want to try new yoga trends, visiting a Core Power Yoga class as it can be a very challenging, but joyful, experience.





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