Yoga Basics: Common Yoga Knowledge & Some Simple Yoga Poses to Get Your Started

Do you want to get closer to yoga? To do this, we recommend starting with the main postures, or asanas basically starting with yoga basics. Try 5 simple yoga poses to test your flexibility, endurance, and ability to concentrate.

I know how you feel when you see yogis online binding on beaches in tiny bikinis while performing advanced postures that seem impossible for you to perform on your own. Well, first of all, yoga is not all about those postures and if you perform simple yoga poses doesn’t mean you are not good enough at yoga! On the contrary, knowing the yoga basics properly is mandatory to truly explore yoga and enjoy its benefits the right way. Overtime you will be able to perform all kind of postures but you will notice how this won’t matter anymore as yoga goes way beyond the level of yoga you belong!

As you might know, yoga is a discipline that involves various positions, called asanas. Some take a long time to perform correctly, others less. Discover all the benefits for body and mind with 5 simple yoga poses

Essential for strengthening the whole body, the yoga positions combine physical activity and meditation. At first, this latter aspect is secondary, but never forget to breathe correctly during these single yoga poses to explore the yoga basics.

Yoga requires persistence and discipline, but this shouldn't discourage you. In today's article, we present 5 yoga exercises for beginners that help you get to know your body better.

At first, they may seem difficult to perform. Like other disciplines, yoga also needs its preparation time. Think, however, of the incredible benefits it brings to the body and mind.

5 simple yoga poses to explore yoga basics

1. Savasana or corpse pose

Ideal for relaxing and breathing, it is one of the first positions to learn to start practicing yoga.

Lie on your back with your legs apart, your arms away from your body and your palms facing up. This position allows you to relax all the fingers.

Next, relax your ankles as well. Then, continue with the knees, thighs and buttocks. There is no need for physical exertion - just lie back and breathe.

Savasana releases tensions in the body and helps focus on breathing. This is a static but very effective position.

2. Utkatasana or chair pose

The chair is also one of the yoga exercises for beginners that we recommend you try. Helps strengthen the middle back and legs. In addition, it frees the spine from tension.

Here are the steps to perform the utkatasana:

    Stand up, with your legs together, your arms along your body and your feet separated more less at the height of the hips.
    From this position, inhale and raise your arms up. The palms of the hands must be facing each other.
    Raise your arms up to ear height. Then, bend your knees making sure they don't go beyond the ankle.

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana - Downward Facing dog

Present in basically all vinyasa flow, downward-facing dog is also one of the main asanas of this discipline. It is also known as the resting position because it helps to relax the back in times of tension.

    You can stand or lie down, depending on the program you are following.
    Inhale deeply and raise your arms towards the ceiling.
    Exhale and lean forward until you touch the floor with your hands.
    From this position, step back until you form an inverted V with your body. Remember to also bring your hips upwards.

4. Bhujangasana or cobra pose

Cobra pose’s goal is to help you stretch the abdomen and lower back. To begin, lie on your back with your arms slightly separated from your body. Your palms will also be facing down.

    Breathe deeply and place your hands under your shoulders.
    Extend your legs well and rest the back of your foot on the mat.
    At this point, stretch your arms and, at the same time, bend your back backwards. The head will follow the back in the movement.

5. Padmasana or the lotus pose

Ideal for meditating and relaxing the whole body, this asana is also known as the lotus pose. Opens the body and mind to energy.

Start the exercise sitting on the mat, with your back straight and legs extended.

    Bend one knee towards your chest, helping yourself with your hands.
    Place it on the thigh of the other leg, bringing the foot closer to the lower back.
    Let your hands gently rest on your knees and breathe deeply and slowly.. Stay in this posture for a few breaths. 

The easy yoga poses that we have presented to you in this article are very simple to perform. The important thing is to relax and dedicate some time every day to practice the various asanas. Yoga helps strengthen the body, connect with yourself and relax your mind all at once! 

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