New Age of Workplace Stress-Relief: Yoga For Office Workers! 

Making room for the care of the mind or body is an investment worth considering, just like any other investment. This article wants to give 5 reasons to practice yoga for office. Whether the activity is carried out within a company and work space or not depends on the decision or on our ability to convince the boss to introduce the possibility of doing so.

Yoga for office workers has benefits not only in the long term in a business and work context, but also in the short term. Here's why:

Improve Stress Management
Impact: Short term

Sports activity in general is a great way to relieve stress, but yoga also adds to the physical part also the mental one, thus helping to manage situations of great tension more completely. The extra tool that distinguishes yoga is the breath and the control of it. When we are in situations of particular stress, we can notice how our breathing is altered: balancing it during a yoga class brings instant benefits.

Develop self-awareness
Impact: Medium-long term

Prolonged yoga exercises and breathing practice help develop greater awareness not only of your body, but also of your mental state.

By practicing yoga constantly, we will become better at independently realizing that we are sitting in the office incorrectly (body awareness), but also that we have reacted impulsively in a meeting (mind awareness).

Develop soft skills (managerial, team work)
Impact: Medium-long term

Better self-awareness of ourselves also leads to improved external responses and management of interpersonal relationships with our colleagues, thus benefiting soft skills such as the ability to work in a team. Control and management of oneself are essential for an expansion to the management of others.
With a clearer and clearer mind we will also be more predisposed to solve problems creatively and approach their resolution in a positive way. We have thus touched upon two important managerial skills: problem-solving and the ability to motivate a team.

Boost Your Immune System
Impact: Short term

Studies done by the Journal of Behavioral Medicine show how yoga can help increase immune defenses and decrease inflammation in our body.

Decrease Absences and Health Problems
Impact: Medium-long term

Practicing yoga from at least once a week up to every day, for a duration ranging from 30 to 90 minutes, leads to improved physical and mental health in 8-12 weeks (Journal of Behavioral Medicine). The investment then begins to pay off: a decrease in absences due to health problems.

Like any investment, yoga can bring instant benefits, but for a true return it's always best to invest in consistency and avoid speculating.

Yoga for office workers: easy on the go practice for anyone 
How to eliminate stress when at work or on the go? Stress is a common problem widespread among many people, it does not affect social backgrounds or sex even if the levels are different but it can be safely said that it affects large sections of the societies we live in.

Often the word "Stress" takes on the sense of anxiety, restlessness, malaise and apprehension.

Stress comes when you think you are unable to have control over every aspect of life, this tendency to control is itself a source of discomfort since in nature and in life not everything can be controlled.

Stress calls for Anxiety

Just after the stress, the prevailing effect is that of loss, anxiety arises in loss. So everything is connected to control, a cultural concept that is upstream regulates these conditions of malaise but a culture can always be changed! And Yoga for office workers(but not only this) can help relax nerves and thoughts arising from a culture.

    Negative feelings and thoughts

These are all risk factors for health, the mind generates negative thoughts, the body stiffens, the calm disappears to make room for stress.
How often does it happen to you and in general does it happen to many people?
However, there are steps that can be taken to lower and eliminate accumulated stress levels, steps that find their fullness in exercises of various kinds, breathing, yoga or meditative.

Below we illustrate some yoga for office workers exercises that you can implement in the workplace to lower your stress levels at least a little, and to illustrate them we will pose two different types of situations.

1st Exercise: Call to one's inner trust

You are in the office and a colleague makes sure to solicit a point that is close to your heart, on which you have perhaps struggled for days and which is therefore exposed to pain or stress.

It hits the mark and you feel anger, bewilderment and your body has reactions that you cannot control, so you must go to the bathroom or to a wing of the office away from prying eyes.

Here at this point you breathe, you will certainly be in the condition in which the anxiety has made its way, starting from the stress as mentioned, so you do not have to breathe only through the nose but absorb little air from it and then emit it from the mouth, progressively the duration of the breaths will become longer because you will accompany it, once the breaths are regularized and have reached a standard time, recite a Mantra.

The mantra that you will recite in your mind will be personal, it will have to be a phrase that does not attack the other, therefore your colleague, but that recalls your trust, the one you had lost previously but which is always there with you, you don't even need to magnify the ego, in fact, the exercise aims to put you back in the center but not for control purposes but only to remind yourself who you are.

Finish the exercise by looking for balance, then with a Yoga exercise that allows you to find it, one or two moves held for a maximum of one minute are enough.

2nd Exercise: Detaching the mind while maintaining concentration

It seems an oxymoron, which is a contradictory thing but meditation and Yoga help to maintain concentration by disconnecting the mind.

Let's say that you are in a period of work or life in which you have to rely heavily on your mental forces and your energies and you have a decline in both of them when instead you are asked for continuous concentration.

Obviously, you will not be the Goddess Kali who has multiple arms that would allow her to do many things together without stress, to get to that degree you need to take a path of awareness and for example, detaching your mind from stress allows you to stay more focused on what you have to do. Do.

Take 5 minutes and focus on your legs, think you are defying gravity, imagine them as anchored to the ground, now lift your right leg and right arm, take the leg with your right hand and at the same time put your left arm horizontally, to stay in balance, you will perform this Yoga exercise focusing on the breath and thinking of letting in positive energy and throwing out negative air-energy, that is the one accumulated previously.


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