Calling All Yogi's: Experience Yoga Fun With A Game of Yoga.... + Dice!

It's hard to talk about yoga as a trend. Maybe it was a few years ago, but it has been on the crest of the wave for too many years now to be considered just a trend. Many people practice it, almost all of them profitably. Thanks to its ability to offer physical but also mental benefits. Finding specialized courses or venues has become very simple precisely because of the ever-increasing diffusion of this discipline. However, the beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere, even at home. But you know what? We are used to think of yoga as a moment of serious commitment to the practice when actually we can learn so much in a different way with dice yoga!

A smattering of courses is always advisable, once you are familiar with it, however, you can do it yourself. The important thing is to know the various positions and know how to perform them at their best. For the routine, on the other hand, you can also go off the cuff. However, if you are undecided but you like to vary the sector of gadgets for Yoga has very intriguing and effective proposals. One of these is the yoga dice set, a very curious product that can be a valid ally for your workouts. This is going to let yourself explore yoga learning the poses but also a more playful relaxed approach to the practice instead of approaching towards it with stress or tension, something very easy to face when practicing yoga the traditional way!

A dice yoga set usually includes 7 6-sided wooden dice, with the difference that instead of the usual figures there are silhouettes that show some yoga positions. The use of the dice is intuitive. When you want to do some yoga, take the dice, throw them and perform the positions shown by the dice. Simple, fast and undecided. The dice set changes the way yoga is conceived, adding that unpredictability that only a completely random choice can add. Because training randomly choosing by yourself which positions to perform is never a truly causal quick. There is always our unconscious to influence decisions. With the yoga dice set, on the other hand, the choice is completely random, randomized just enough to experience the thrill of a consciously random workout.

How to play? 

You can buy a dice yoga set for a yogi fun dice game or you can create it your own using a common dice and associating an asana to each number writing them down on a board or a piece of paper! You can use one single dice or more according to the number of poses you would like to include in the challenge! You can decide to let your friends joining the challange and mark the points each one of you make when performing an asana correctly! This is a  bit more challenging than the game you would play with a designed set you buy as they often have the asanas on the dice and you simply have to copy that! With common dices things are going to be way funnier!
Here comes an example:
if you throw dices and the number 5 is associated to warrior 1 you should perform that specific asana!
Make sure to respect each game turn and don’t forget to have fun! 
This is a great game for kids too! Of course make sure to choose easier postures or buy a kid dice yoga set.
Why dice yoga is so good
Regular yoga practice produces various benefits, as we have reported in various articles. But dice yoga can take things to the other level. Let’s see how!

The positive effects of a yogi fun dice game include the development of creativity. This is an aspect that is little considered when dealing with yoga. Generally, improvements in muscle and joints are highlighted, or the activation of a process aimed at psychophysical relaxation is emphasized. In addition to the body-material and mental level, yoga works on a subtle level, stimulating the inner energies. The more you practice, the more the energy centers are reactivated and rebalanced. By energy centers we mean the Chakras. The one specifically related to creativity is the Svadhisthana Chakra. By playing yogi fun dice game you are going to practice asanas that can stimulate those energies connected to the creative dimension.

Yogi fun dice game to break the routine

Developing and nurturing your free time is important not only for those who dedicate themselves professionally or personally to an artistic discipline. It is through improvisation and playground time that new ideas and new projects are formed. The "novelties", therefore the creative ideas, break the daily routine and those mental schemes that have become old, atrophied. The practice of asanas and meditation push the mind to focus on the present moment, on body sensations, on the flow of thoughts. The more you listen to the signals of the body, the more you enter your inner dimension: you are no longer at the mercy of external stimuli, conditioning and distractions. By becoming aware of the deep self, the mind and body relax, while remaining in a "watchful and alert" condition. It is in this state of "active relaxation" that creative energies can be awakened.

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