Yoga Postures for Children: 5 Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga for children is becoming more and more popular and in demand. It has long been proven that yogic practice is good on a physical and mental level for all ages, and therefore also for the little ones. The benefits they can derive from it are so many: yoga helps them to have a correct posture, to strengthen their muscles, to have awareness of their body in space, to have respect for themselves and for others, to understand when they are nervous. and they need some peace of mind. Plus, for kids, yoga is also a lot of fun!

Let's see together in more detail the benefits that yogic practice has on children and also 6 easy, fun and effective exercises to do with them, to have fun together and feel good. Keep reading the post!

# 1 YOGA POSTURE FOR CHILDREN: Downward facing dog

downward facing dog yoga pose for children 

Let's start with downward facing dog which is always a lot of fun for the little ones. It is one of the best-known positions of yoga and it remembers the position taken by a dog that stretches and stretches after waking up. 

That is why, to help children get into the correct position, it is recommended that they try to imitate a little dog that is stretching all over. Thanks to this position, the children will do an exercise that will help them to stretch the back of the thighs, to strengthen the arms and to lengthen the spine. To help them perform it correctly, stand on top of them or next to them, so that they can perform the pose following the vault of your body.


cat yoga pose for children 

After Downward facing dog yoga pose for children, another easy, fun position that cannot be missed in yoga for children is the cat position, so called because it recalls a posture assumed by these adorable animals, children love them!

To help the children take this position, just suggest that they imitate a sweet kitten stretching its back. Babies will have to arch their backs and look upwards when they inhale, while they will have to curve their backs and look towards the navel when they exhale. They will have a lot of fun and relax the spine.


Tiger Pose is similar to that of the cat, which we saw earlier, but a little more challenging. Children must always get on all fours, with arms and thighs perpendicular to the floor and knees separated. As they exhale they will have to bend their back, lower their chin towards their chest and raise their right knee, bringing it towards the forehead.

Breathing in, instead, they will have to arch their backs, lift their heads and look forward. At the same time they will have to bring their right leg back, lifting it off the ground with the heel facing upwards. It is a bit more complex, but the idea of being a strong tiger that stretches and roars loudly when it stretches its leg back will make them have a lot of fun. In addition, with this position, they will tone the back, increase the flexibility of the hips and strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.


flamingo yoga pose for children
Another well-known position that children like so much is the so-called Flamingo Pose. In addition to being fun and effective, it helps the child to experience balance, concentration and attention towards the outside. On a physical level, this position strengthens the thigh muscles, gives stability to the ankles, lengthens the spine, aligns the parts of the body and also helps to alleviate any problems related to flat feet. Like that of the tiger, this is also a slightly more difficult position, because it requires concentration and balance. To help children perform it correctly, they are usually told to set a fixed point and imagine that they are a strong, sturdy and beautiful Flamingo. At the beginning it is normal that there is no balance immediately and that the position is not perfect, but children tend to have fun trying to do it and do it again.


cobra yoga pose for children

We close with Cobra Pose which in yoga for children is very useful and fun. Also known as Bhujangasana, it is certainly among the most effective positions to open the chest and prevent or resolve any incorrect posture attitudes. It may not be easy for the little ones to do it correctly at first, but they will have fun imitating a rascal snake that raises its head and smiles.

These are the best yoga postures for children! Create with your kids a moment for these postures to help them stay relaxed while having some fun!


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